SwiftView® Viewer Feature Comparison
SwiftView Standard, SwiftView Pro, and SwiftView Pro+PDF
The addition of SwiftView Pro+PDF gives enterprises of all sizes a choice of three SwiftView viewers. Pick the one that meets your needs today and upgrade as you need to add additional features. Upgrading from Standard or Pro to Pro+PDF is especially fast and easy because the user experience is virtually the same and requires no retraining.  

SwiftView Viewer Feature Comparison Chart
Pixel-perfect rendering of files onscreen
Print to virtually any printer
View PCL, TIFF, HPGL files
Print PCL, TIFF, HPGL files
Available as standalone or ActiveX application
Single user or network deployments
View color files in black and white
View color files in color  
Save viewed files as  PCL, TIFF, HPGL  
Save viewed files as PDF, PDF/A  
Advanced rendering technology  
PCL Caching  
Export plain text to spreadsheets  
JBIG2 compression  
Password encryption for PCL or PDF files  
View PDF files    
Print PDF files    
Single user experience for PDF, PCL, TIFF, HPGL    
Save PDF files as PCL, TIFF, HPGL, and PDF/A    
Don't see a feature you need here?  We are continuing to deliver the new SwiftView Pro+PDF and SwiftConvert features that our customers request.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

SwiftView Standard SwiftView Pro SwiftView Pro+PDF

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