Updates and Support

All initial product purchases include 12 months updates/support coverage.  After that time, only Rental products include 12 months updates/support.  For all other products, renewal of updates/support coverage is currently 20% of original list price.  Updates/support must be purchased in order for anyone, including third party end-users, to legally download new versions of SwiftView for production use from our website, to receive emailed shipments, and to receive technical support.

Updates/support coverage provides the customer the right to receive email and telephone technical support, to receive emailed updates of SwiftView, to download new versions of the SwiftView Evaluation Copy for licensed, production use, to transfer existing licenses to a related-third-party, or to receive updated, modified, or replacement license files.  SwiftView will issue an updated, modified, or replacement license, provided updates/support coverage is current and that the license is being used in accordance with its legal intent.

Transfer of existing licenses to a related third-party requires current coverage and are subject to a transfer fee of $250 per license.  Updated, modified, transferred, or replaced license files will be subject to the current Terms and Conditions as of the date of issuance, not the date of original license purchase.

COMPANY provides technical support only to employees of CUSTOMER.  COMPANY reserves the right to charge "per technical support instance" for any other users.

SwiftView, Inc. reserves the right to deliver licenses which only enable versions of SwiftView released during the license's support period (i.e., prevent use of versions released after updates/support of the license expires).

Shipping, media and documentation fees, and upgrades to new products are not included in the updates/support fee.

Updates/support which has lapsed for more than 30 days and less than 2 years will require a payment of 50% of original product purchase price to restart.  If updates/support has lapsed for more than 2 years, product must be repurchased at the current price to reinstate coverage.

We reserve the right to charge "per technical support instance" for any users who are not employees of a licensed company whose updates/support is current.

Updates/support gives users who are employees of the licensed company unlimited access to technical support via e-mail, fax, or telephone for the purposes of reporting, identifying and receiving fixes for installation or product problems (e-mail typically provides the most timely support) and free upgrades as new versions of the product and documentation are released, typically 3 times per year.

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