SwiftView Win32 Application Integration

SwiftView's unique command stream API, the Imaging Command Set (ICS), makes possible many integration techniques.  This page is about tight integration of document display within your Windows Visual C, C++, C# or Visual Basic application, using .NET or the Win32 API, and running on Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.  Click here for web browser integration.

SwiftView ActiveX control

Our ActiveX control supports Internet Explorer as well as MS Visual Studio programming environments.  The ActiveX control is very easy to use with VB.  However, we strongly recommend using the SwiftInside DLL described below with Visual C, C++, or C# because integration is much simpler and easier to debug.  VB developers can get started by using IE 4 or 5 to install the control on your system.  Once the control is installed, you can use VB's "Project" "Components" dialog to see and add the "SwiftView ActiveX control module" to your project.  We will soon have an independent control installer for easier deployment of control based solutions.
Control documentation.
Simple VB program using the control.

All integration components utilize SVIEW.EXE as part of their operation.  Use of the DLL is free with licenses for 'standalone SwiftView'.  The ActiveX control is free wtih licenses supporting operation of SwiftView in Internet Explorer.

SwiftInside DLL

All interfaces below are implemented with the SwiftInside pluggable object, a Windows DLL.  The full interface specification includes discussions of all the ways you can integrate SwiftInside into your application.  All of these interfaces (currently except Java) allow you to display documents in a window in your application by passing an HWND to SwiftView.  Alternatively, the document can be displayed in a separate top-level SwiftView window.  The user interface can be supplied by SwiftView or you can control all user interactions with your application.  It is not currently possible to supply an hDC to SwiftView (e.g., for embedded printing).  The main API is a function sending ICS commands to SwiftView and a callback function to receive the callback strings from SwiftView.  This is the same programming model used by SwiftView's GUI code.  SVIEW.EXE is the only component licensed, using the standard licensing described elsewhere on this site.  The modules discussed here require no additional licensing.

PLEASE NOTE that we cannot help you learn how to program in C, program in Visual Basic or do Win32 programming (which is endlessly arcane).  We use only basic concepts but if any of these are unknown to you, please consult books or other on-line aids.  Our technical support staff knows SwiftView but they are not programmers and cannot be of much assistance in developing your applications. Most companies charge serious money for that type of help, in any case.

SwiftInside documentation.
Development package with DLL and sample programs. (self-extracting zip)
SwiftView Standalone install - SwiftInside requires standalone SwiftView.

There are undoubtedly many excellent uses for these interfaces we've never even imagined.  If you want to do something not discussed here, please don't hesitate to email tech@swiftview.com.


The DLL development package includes a Java interface, implemented by calling into the DLL using the Java Native Interface (JNI).  It is implemented with JDK1.17b, and should be compatible with all 1.1 or 1.2 Java Runtimes.  Currently it can only create and use a separate window - it cannot draw in a Java created window.

We are considering providing a fully functional JavaBean.; Please email us if you are interested.

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