Getting Started with SwiftPublish


SwiftPublish is available in two versions.

SwiftPublish Workstation Edition
SwiftPublish Server Edition

SwiftPublish Workstation is a manual file conversion and print workflow toolkit.  It captures the native files of most Microsoft Windows applications, creates PCL, ZHP or TIFF files, and processes them according to output file type you select.  These portable electronic documents can be archived, emailed, or saved to other media.  They can be viewed and printed using the SwiftView Viewer, or further processed with other SwiftView Tools or any applications that can read PCL or TIFF documents. 

A unique feature of SwiftPublish is that it captures the original document's searchable text, insuring that the final PCL or TIFF file is searchable in the SwiftView Viewer.

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SwiftPublish Workstation's interface is very easy to work with. While viewing your document in its native application simply invoke the applications print command. This should cause the Windows print dialog to appear. Select the SwiftPublish printer and click the Windows Print button.

Clicking the Windows Print button will bring up the SwiftPublish Workstation print dialog. In this dialog box, you can name the file, select the format you would like the file saved in, and identify the location in which to save the file.


Once you click done the file will be converted and saved. You are ready to move onto your next file.

You can also drag-and-drop a file directly to the SwiftPublish shortcut icon on your desktop. When you do, the SwiftPublish print dialog window will display, allowing you to select the output format, filename, and path to save the output file.


SwiftPublish Server

SwiftPublish Server edition builds on the Workstation version by adding two very useful components not available in the WorkStation edition. SwiftView Directory Monitor and Package Builder functionality. Handy features such as the SwiftView Directory Monitor "hot folders" directory monitor make SwiftPublish easy to deploy and automate your document conversion process. 

The SwiftPublish Package Builder is a powerful tool that will allow you to manually combine multiple files from multiple formats and form them into one document in the format of your choosing, including PDF output which is not supported in the Workstation edition. .

To launch the Package Builder you will need to browse to c:\program files\swiftview and double click on spack.exe.

Clicking Start New Package will allow you to start adding files. Once you are satsfied with the contents of your package you will want to click on the Options button. Here you have five tabs to change the way your file will be processed.

This area should be configured as it appears here.

Next determine where to save your file.


Save to file:

This radio button allows the user to enter the initial file name of your package. The Browse button can also be used to select a destination in the usual manner.


This feature is not currently available.

Post Process has two options:

Zip - Applies standard zip compression.
Encrypt with password - Add a user specified password to the file. Can only be applied to zipped PCL format.


Make this package the default printer -

Checking the box means that while the current package is open, the current package is the default printer. Once the package is finished, discarded or the user exits the SwiftPublish GUI, the former default printer is reinstated. This option simplifies use and ensures that even applications which can only print to the default Windows printer are fully supported.

Capture output to LPT - Checking this will cause SwiftPublish to monitor the LPT port and capture any jobs sent through it.

Settings for All Users - Access all Users Packages.

SwiftPublish License -Put any special licenses strings here to unlock any additional features purchased.



SwiftPublish Feature Comparison Chart
Drop files to print directly on SwiftPublish shotcut icon
Supported text descrambling
Password encryption for zipped PCL files
Save files as PCL, TIFF or ZHP files types from any application.
Save files as PCL, TIFF, ZHP or PDF file types from any application.
Restricted number of concurrent print jobs
Supported with SwiftView Directory Monitor
Package Builder GUI utility included (Allows multiple files types to be combined into one file)
Preview color pcl files with Package Builder utililty