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SwiftView® Viewer
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View, print, and search the industry-standard "print streams" PCL, HPGL, TIFF and PDF on both Windows and UNIX.  SwiftView's small download and one-click installation make it very easy to deploy; it's already on millions of desks worldwide. 

There are three viewers and a batch converter to choose from:

SwiftView Standard is the industry-leading PCL5, PCL6, HPGL and TIFF viewer.  It is optimized for fast, responsive viewing and manual printing in black and white.

SwiftView Pro is the premier high-performance, high-resolution color view, print, and export tool.  It adds export as PDF, TIFF, etc., PCL color, 600 dpi PCL resolution and more to SwiftView Standard. 

SwiftView Pro+PDF add viewing and printing PDF files to the features of SwiftView Pro, eliminating the need for a separate viewer for PDF files. 

Compare the features of the three viewers with the SwiftView Viewer Feature Comparison Chart.

Need to convert or print a lot of files, or add automated convert or print to your application?  Try our SwiftConvert product.

Note that SwiftView Standard does not allow manual conversions, and none of the viewers allow any batch use. 

Latest release: Version 9.2.3 includes major new features.  Licensed customers with current maintenance can install it here

With SwiftView Standard, SwiftView Pro, or SwiftView Pro+PDF,
you get a simple user interface that you control

  • SwiftView's uncluttered user interface requires little or no training
  • Users can pan, zoom, change pages, search for text and print with single mouse clicks and keystrokes - no complicated menus! 

  • You control what users see:
  • Reconfigure buttons, add your own, or turn them all off and drive SwiftView from your application's user interface.
  • Configure many options.
  • Control SwiftView from your application, e.g., to add markups to the document/drawing.
  • ... and much more. 
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The right deployment for your application

For Microsoft Windows and the most popular UNIX and Linux systems:
  • A standalone viewer displaying in its own window.
  • An ActiveX control for Internet Explorer or integration in C or VB applications
  • The SwiftInside dll for integration in C or VB applications
  • A Firefox browser plugin (supported only on Windows). 
Easy Integration Powerful PCL Analysis

Flexible, simple licensing that keeps costs low

SwiftView Customers and Applications Save money over PDF and Acrobat

"The SwiftView solution, tightly integrated with our UNIX-based inventory control system, has resulted in a labor saving worth around $120,000 per annum.  The retrieval and printing of test certificates was previously a largely manual operation, requiring three operators nationally.  Now, the whole process is automated."  - Jean-Jacques Pantebre, Pipeline Supplies 
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