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SwiftExtract is a batch utility which enables fast, efficient extraction of ranges of PCL pages from a large PCL file.  The result is a new PCL file that is bit-for-bit identical to the pages in the original PCL file, and can be printed with absolute accuracy by any PCL/LaserJet-compatible printer.  SwiftExtract's PCL page cache file enables SwiftExtract, SwiftConvert, and SwiftView Pro to access to any page of a PCL file almost instantaneously.

SwiftView Tools are ideal for print workflow, variable data printing, archiving, and document repurposing applications involving large PCL print streams.

SwiftConvert's ability to search for text in an PCL file, extract text, or render PCL to PDF, TIFF, or PostScript makes it a great companion tool to SwiftExtract's extraction of original PCL pages.

Example applications for SwiftExtract

SwiftExtract is a powerful tool for print management systems:

  • Reprinting and selective printing:  Accurately print a range of pages from a very large PCL print job.
  • Parallel printing: Quickly break million-page PCL print jobs into multiple jobs, achieving fast and cost-effective printing using multiple low-cost printers.
  • Reorder pages: Select any combination of pages from a PCL file to extract and print.

Example applications for SwiftExtract plus SwiftConvert:

Combine SwiftExtract and SwiftConvert to bring the power of PCL to your document management system.  Identify a subset of pages, using SwiftConvert to search for text or convert to text to build an index.  Then instantly extract the desired pages with SwiftExtract, or convert them to PDF with SwiftConvert.

  • Online bill presentment (EBPP) and customer service: In real time, pull selected pages from huge print jobs, reports, or billing runs.  You can choose either instant display and print with the SwiftView Viewer, ideal for company-internal or business-to-business applications, or delivery as PDF or browser-ready PNG for casual customer-facing solutions.
  • Efficiently view and print sections of large PCL documents on a website:  SwiftExtract makes it practical to deliver just the desired sections of huge LaserJet print jobs (like reports reports, billing or forms runs).  Any given person might need only 5 pages from a 9,000 page monthly report, or 1 bill from a run of 15,000.  Standard technology requires downloading the entire huge file before viewing - completely impractical.  SwiftExtract quickly and easily pulls only the required pages, as selected by your website using SwiftConvert indexing.  Your website then delivers these pages for fast viewing and printing via SwiftView.  The data is kept on the server as the single original PCL file, vastly simplifying recurring IT effort
  • Archive as PCL: Archive your compact, searchable, accurate PCL reports and print data with confidence.  SwiftView Tools will be there to search, extract, and instantly deliver subset documents from your archive as PCL, PDF, TIFF, PostScript, PNG, or text.


  • Extremely easy to use command line utility
  • Extracted file has everything from the original file (including downloaded fonts and macros) required to accurately print the desired subset of the original file
  • Generates and reuses a small cache file, making subsequent operations with a given PCL file almost instantaneous
  • Cache file is shared with SwiftConvert and SwiftView Pro viewer, enabling fast PCL access in all three tools.
  • Available on Microsoft Windows, Linux/X86, Solaris-Sparc/X86, HP-UX, SCO, and RS/6000 AIX systems

For a quick interactive evaluation of SwiftExtract's capabilities, download the combo SwiftExtract, SwiftView Pro, and SwiftConvert evaluation for MS Windows Then open a large PCL file in SwiftView Pro Viewer, press the "Export" button, and select "Original" file type and a range of pages.  Exit the viewer and repeat the operation.  Watch the page count - the second time you view the file, the page count is available immediately, and saving pages is essentialy instantaneous.

SwiftExtract's PCL page cache file is the secret to its performance when repeatedly accessing large PCL print files.  Note that Standard SwiftView Viewer cannot use cache files, and by default, SwiftView Pro Viewer or SwiftConvert only read existing cache files.  Enabling caching in SwiftConvert or SwiftView Pro Viewer license permits instant access to pages in large PCL files. (Use the ICS command "set cachepcl readwrite".)

SwiftExtract and SwiftConvert are licensed for execution on a single server or from your application program.  Email sales@swiftview.com now for more information or an evaluation copy of SwiftExtract for your Unix system.  System integrators, OEM's, and other types of value added resellers (VARs), please Email partnersales@swiftview.com for terms and conditions.

Beginning with release 8.1, SwiftExtract is a licensing option for the same executable as the SwiftView Viewer and SwiftConvert.  The former "spext" program is no longer available. Your SwiftExtract license includes a one-user license for SwiftView Pro Viewer for administrative use.  (Full multi-user Application server Pro licensing is an added-cost option to SwiftExtract and SwiftConvert.)

Using SwiftExtract

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