SwiftConvert Quick-Start Guide

Converting Many Files | Beyond Basic Commands

This is a quick-start guide to converting files with SwiftConvert.  With the SwiftConvert batch utility, you can use DOS or UNIX shell and ICS commands to convert multiple files. If you want to use a graphical user interface (GUI) to perform manual conversions of single files, you need SwiftView Pro or SwiftView Pro+PDF.     

Converting Files using the Command Line

SwiftConvert processes are controlled with ICS (Imaging Command Set) commands, SwiftView's API.  ICS commands can be issued on a shell or DOS command line and through other methods.  We start with the command line because it is easy to experiment with.  See the ICS Configuration Manual for a description of other methods of sending ICS commands.

NOTE: Programmable, automated conversion is only available with SwiftConvert licenses; it is not available with SwiftView Pro.  All of the conversion options in the SwiftView Pro menus are available as ICS commands in SwiftConvert. 

For Windows Users

The easiest way to use a command line in Windows is from the Start menu: choose Programs, then Accessories, then Command Prompt.  If you do not have Command Prompt under Accessories, select Run and type cmd into the Run box and hit OK. 

Windows Command Line Image

Type in the ICS commands or copy and paste commands from the examples below.  NOTE: Click the right mouse button inside the command prompt box to paste; in Windows 2000, the paste is automatic; in XP, right click opens a menu with paste as an option (see above).  Next, edit the filenames and directories for your input and output files.  Once filenames and directories are correct, press return to run the command.

Single Files
Below are two common examples of commands that you can cut, paste and edit.  Simply change the underlined areas to reflect your filenames and, if necesary, directories.

Example 1: Convert one PCL file to one PDF file
This example reads a PCL file, TEST.PCL, and converts it to a PDF file called DOC.PDF.

>sview -c"ldoc C:\archives\test.pcl | save PDF all doc.pdf onefile"

Example 2: Convert one PCL file to a TIFF Group 4 file
This example reads a PCL file, TEST.PCL, and converts it to a TIFF Group 4 file called TEST.TIF.

>sview -c"ldoc test.pcl | save TF_G4 all C:\tifffiles\test.tif onefile"

Batch Files
The following examples provide syntax for batch processing.  Underlines indicate the directories/filenames you must change.  NOTE: These commands can be executed in the command window or can be edited into a .bat file.

Example 1: Convert all PCL files in a directory to PDF

FOR %i IN (C:\legacyfiles\*.pcl) DO c:\progra~1\swiftview\sview -ics"ldoc %i|save PDF all %i.pdf onefile"

Example 2: Convert all PCL files in a directory to PNG

NOTE: In this example: the command is being run from the directory in which the files reside, but specifies a new directory for the PNG files.
FOR %i IN (*.pcl) DO c:\progra~1\swiftview\sview -ics"ldoc %i|save PNG_MONO all C:\pngfiles\%i.png"

Example 3: Convert all .pcl files in a directory to TIFF

FOR %i IN (C:\pclfiles\*.pcl) DO c:\progra~1\swiftview\sview -ics"ldoc %i|save TF_G4 all C:\tiffiles\%i.tif"

Example 4: Convert all .pcl files in a directory to TEXT

FOR %i IN (C:\archivefiles\*.pcl) DO c:\progra~1\swiftview\sview -ics"ldoc %i|save TEXT all %i.txt"

Notice the quotes around the ICS commands; these are required.  These examples use two ICS commands (ldoc and save) separated by the pipe | character.  Any number of ICS commands may be linked together in this fashion.  For example: >sview -c"cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd".  For more examples that you can easily cut, paste, and edit, check out the SwiftConvert Manual.

For UNIX Users

The following example shows how to use SwiftConvert to stream data directly to a UNIX printer.  Note that in UNIX, the svutil program is used instead of sview for SwiftConvert batch (no GUI) conversion.

Example: Convert a TIFF file to PCL and output to a UNIX printer

This is a simple example in which SwiftConvert writes each page to the system temp place (e.g., /usr/tmp) and immediately executes the print command specified by command.  Please see the SwiftView ICS Reference Manual for more information regarding print files.

>svutil -c"ldoc document.tif | printer number 1 type HPLJ3_ORIGINAL command ""lpr -r"" alias none | plot 1 all"

NOTE: This shell example is equivalent to the Windows Example 1 above.  Any of the Windows examples above can be adapted for Unix.

Beyond Basic Commands

Once you are comfortable with the basic command line procedure, you may want to learn more about other ICS commands relevant to SwiftConvert.  The full set of ICS commands is extensive, providing SwiftConvert with a wide range of capabilities.  Start by looking at the SwiftConvert Manual.  Among the more popular functions are the ability to:

  • Save a zoomed-in area of a TIFF or HPGL drawing as a smaller, more specific PDF or TIFF.
  • Convert multiple TIFF files of a single page each into one TIFF file with many pages.
  • Extract a subset of pages from a large PCL file and convert just those pages to PDF
  • Automate any ICS command, for instance, to run overnight conversions of daily files.

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