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SwiftView Application server licenses are priced per-server and limit SwiftView Tools to execution ONLY on the licensed application servers.  They are NOT network licenses, and do not allow execution on workstations.  To insure that we provide you with the proper license, please fill out the following information, which will be used to generate your quote:
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I have a web server (intranet or internet) accessable by all Swiftview users. Tell me about the "WAN" license deployment option.

I will install the SwiftView software and license file on:
one or more network file servers ("LAN" license). 
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one intranet or internet web server ("WAN" license). 
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one or more multi-user Application Servers (for local execution on the server only). 
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multiple Windows single-user workstations. 
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I'm not sure which is the best license deployment; please discuss the alternatives with me.
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