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SwiftView® Pro Viewer: view, print, convert, and analyze PDF, PCL, TIFF and more SwiftView® Pro Viewer
Manually view, print, convert, and analyze PCL
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SwiftView Pro is an enhanced license for SwiftView, the fastest and most accurate PCL, HPGL, and TIFF viewer available.  Features include:
  • Manually export any viewed document as PDF, TIFF, etc.
  • Choose 600 DPI rendering for cleaner, crisper text and images.
  • View and print any color PCL5 or PCL6 file.
  • Convert to color PDF, PCL, and TIFF.
  • ...and more.
SwiftView Pro adds an Export button to the viewer toolbar that allows you to manually convert individual PCL, HPGL, and TIFF files to PDF, TIFF, PostScript, PNG, PCL, and text.

Need to convert or print a lot of files, or add automated convert or print to your application?  Try our SwiftConvert product.

Note that SwiftView Standard licenses (purchased in 2005 or later) do not allow any conversions.  Licenses issued prior to 2005 will continue to allow previously supported features (e.g., conversion to monochrome TIFF).  In the future, many new features will only be available in SwiftView Pro.

Upgrades to Pro are available at a special price to customers with current maintenance and support.  Please email for pricing

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SwiftView Pro Customers
Sharing Engineering Drawings as PDF "SwiftView Pro works wonderfully saving my HPGLs as PDFs.  We receive drawings from truck manufacturers that we have to quote on, and I need a file format that can be viewed and printed without any problems.  SwiftView Pro was more straightforward than the other converter we tested."
Creating accurate PDF forms and templates "We designed a forms-creation process for invoices.  The overlay data has to precisely fit into the boxes and columns of a background PDF file that looks like a pre-printed form.  We tried creating background forms with Adobe, but that didn't work out too good.  Who knows what Distiller's doing with bookmarks, links and thumbnails . . . SwiftView Pro's PDF output gives us a perfect template."
Company-internal report viewing and archiving Read a profile of Curtis & Tompkins explaining how this company uses highly accurate SwiftView to eliminate truckloads of paper and improve workflow efficiency and productivity with web-based report viewing in their analytical laboratories.
Internet report viewing and printing A major payroll service uses SwiftView to let customers view and print their own payroll reports.  Their customers love the quick web delivery and 24-hour access, and the service saves on printing and mailing costs.

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