SwiftView® Pro Features
View, convert, search, index, and analyze PCL
SwiftView Pro is an enhanced PCL, HPGL, and TIFF interactive view, print, and manual export utility. 

SwiftView Pro features:
  • Manually export as PDF, TIFF, PNG, PCL, PostScript, Raster HPGL, or plain text from a button in the viewer toolbar. 
    (Use SwiftConvert to automate batch conversions to these formats.)
  • Manually print or export ranges of PCL pages in their original PCL format.  Applications include partial reprints and print job splitting. 
    (Use SwiftExtract to automate fast extraction of PCL pages.)
  • Export an entire file, a range of pages, or a region on a page.
  • Optionally view, print, or export at 600 DPI for cleaner, crisper text and images.
  • Optionally export to TIFF or PDF at lower resolution for more compact files.
  • New!  SwiftView Pro produces 3-10 times smaller PDF files from monochrome documents using JBIG2 compression.
  • New!  PDF/A-1b compliant output.  SwiftView Pro now converts PCL, HPGL, and TIFF to PDF/A, a new ISO standard PDF subset that ensures the long-term usability of archived documents.
  • New!  output secure, passworded PDF files
  • View and print any color PCL or HPGL file in full color
    (SwiftView Standard only views and prints TIFF and JPEG in color.)
  • Export as color PDF, PCL5, PNG, and TIFF
    (Note: color tiff in uncompressed or "packbits" compression only.  Version 8.1 adds color export of HPGL and markup in Pro.)
  • Export searchable PDF from searchable PCL/HPGL documents.
  • Export tables to Excel: plain text exported from reports and other tabular documents retains its tabular form and is easily imported into spreadsheets.
  • Cache PCL page information in a file for instant startup and random page access the next time you view or search the same PCL file.
Don't see a feature you need here?  We are continuing to deliver the new SwiftView Pro and SwiftConvert features that our customers request.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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