SwiftView Tools FAQ

These are some of the most common questions people ask about the general capabilities and features of the SwiftView tools product line.  See the SwiftView Technical Support FAQ for specific technical questions, such as on licensing, installation, configuring SwiftView, and how specific features work.

What can SwiftView products do for me?
What is PCL?
Why do people use SwiftView+PCL instead of Acrobat+PDF?

What file formats does SwiftView view?

Does the SwiftView plugin run on Netscape 6 or 7?
What's the difference between the ActiveX and the Plug-in?
How can I customize browser-based SwiftView?

I downloaded the eval version, how is the "real" version different?
LAN licensing details
Website licensing details
File licensing details
PC/Server System License Details
How do I find out my LAN file server's computer name?
How do I find out my computer's host name?
How do I find out my web site's "root URL"?

Can SwiftView convert my files to TIFF?  How about converting to TEXT?
How can I markup/redline/annotate/watermark all my documents?

What can SwiftView products do for me?

SwiftView viewer and it's related products for document packaging and distribution enable you to work with documents in PCL, HPGL, and TIFF formats, or convert Windows application files to PCL for distribution.

What is PCL?

Printer control language (PCL) was released over 15 years ago by Hewlett-Packard as a simpler, faster and less expensive alternative to Postscript based laser printers.  Most office printers sold today are PCL-based. 

If you are printing to a laser printer you are using PCL.  PCL is simply the data stream sent to HP (and similar) laser printers.  PCL and HPGL files can be created by simply "printing to file" with a LaserJet set as the current Windows printer.  Click here for more information about PCL.

Why do people use SwiftView+PCL instead of Acrobat+PDF?

While PDF has become a de-facto standard for distributing medium-sized documents over the internet, it has many shortcomings for large or print-formatted documents.  Acrobat is large (v6 download is over 18MBytes), and often too slow on large files.  Because PCL is the actual print format for most office printers, SwiftView can remotely view and print documents delivered as PCL with a high degree of faithfulness to the original printed document. Click here for more information about the differences between PCL and PDF.

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