SwiftView Tools Product Announcements


Release Date: December 2014

Release Summary

SwiftView is a bug fix, enhancement and licensing upgrade release.

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminated ‘Pipe Write Error’ issue when using Swiftview in IE with protected mode enabled.
  • SwiftSend documents no longer acknowledge an RLM server license.
  • Browser-based Swiftview will not request or download a file prior to or during the license check.
  • Eliminated memory access violation crash when extracting SwiftStamp licenses from documents.
  • Forms applied to page 1 of PCL files are no longer incorrectly applied to page 2.



  • New web activation licensing method allows users to enter an activation key in the GUI to receive a license.
  • Added more on-screen guidance during the installation of evaluation products.
  • New MSI installers give users more control over the installation process.
  • File associations can now be selected during installation, and new menu options allow users to change file associations from with the SwiftView GUI.
  • New network licensing infrastructure give customer network administrators more control over and visibility into their users' use of SwiftView.
  • Rcut command can now extract text from multiple regions of a page to the same destination file.


SwiftView 9.1

Release Date: November 2013

Release Summary

SwiftView 9.1 is a bug fix, enhancement and LAN licensing upgrade release.

New ICS Commands

  • set product product_name
  • set rlminit file_path
  • set roam on | off
  • rlminstall [product {productname}] file {file/url} type {type_num}
  • gui dialog activate
  • set pdfhintflags [enable | disable]

See ICS Manual for command descriptions.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue with US Bank packages not printing legal sized pages on specific printers.
  • Corrected an issue with some US Bank documents rendering and printing incorrectly.
  • Fixed the error ‘incorrect format’ when using Internet Explorer to view web licensed documents.
  • SwiftView in AIX should no longer produce a core dump when converting PDF to PCL in certain scenarios.
  • SwiftView will once again read cache files correctly. Documents now loaded with a cache file present should have a nearly instant loading time instead of a page count occurring.
  • Corrected an issue where hiding the SwiftView Toolbar inside the ActiveX control window could cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some conversions to TF3_96 and TF3_192 to cause SwiftView to crash.
  • SwiftView will no longer limit the number of fonts that can be used in a document. In some cases this limit was causing information to be missing. This is for Windows only.
  • SwiftView will no longer crash when extracting large amounts of text in specific scenarios.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some stamped documents to generate ‘ICS command string to long’ error when trying to view.
  • ‘File not Found’ error when trying to open files that include special characters with Internet Explorer has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing SwiftView debug to crash on Windows 7.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing an incorrect page count in some files with mixed simplex and duplex commands.
  • Created new ICS command to resolve some rendering issues with sview/svutil in linux. set pdfhintflags [enable | disable]   
  • XPDF config setting load order adjusted to first set the SwiftView settings and then load the xpdf config file if present.



  • The browser based version of SwiftView now includes a file loading message while downloading large files.
  • Added support for UTF8 encoded translation files.
  • Added support for East Asian internationalization of SwiftView. Includes international translation files, UI support of Unicode and support for Windows Multi-byte fonts.
  • Added new LAN licensing options to allow greater flexibility with user access and feature availability


Previous Announcements:


    Release Date: 2/13/2012

    Release Summary

    SwiftView is a bug fix and enhancement release.

    New ICS Commands

    • None

    Bug Fixes

    • Updated SwiftView libraries to be in sync with the latest releases.


    • SwiftView’s normal evaluation products will now include a watermark on all output.
    • Added ‘all’ as an option for HPGL pen color and width.
    • Added PDF as an option to the ‘set filetype’ ICS command. Example: set filetype pdf


    External Release Notes

    Release Summary

    SwiftView is a bug fix and enhancement release.


    Bug Fixes

    • SwiftView will now ignore the ‘set features’ command in the sview.ini or svstart.ics files when a license string is passed through the command line.


    • Corrected an issue in HPGL stream rendering. In some cases SwiftView was disregarding PCL streams of data. 
    • Corrected an issue where text was not aligning correctly in some HPGL files.


    • SwiftView will now select the correct soft font initially when loading a file. In certain conditions a refresh was needed to get the correct font to display.
    • Corrected an issue with SwiftView not displaying some raster images properly


    • Updated copyright information for application binaries to the year 2011.
    • Corrected an issue where SwiftView could crash or have other unexpected behavior while working with JPEG images used as markup.


    • SwiftView will now install Firefox 4 plugins correctly.



    • Added an additional variable to page range plot that will allow for blank pages to be pulled in while a file is printing.


    Release Notes

    Release Summary

    SwiftView is a bug fix release.


    Bug Fixes

    • Corrected issue with SwiftView not being able to read some tiff files that contained transparency information.


    • Corrected a scaling issue with grayscale conversions. Some markups in conjunction with grayscale conversions would be elongated.
    • Corrected an issue when saving very large PDF files at 600dpi that was causing SwiftView to crash.


    • SwiftView PDF files are reported as fully PDF/A-1b compliant by Preflight now. Previous version of Acrobat 8 and 9 reported some erroneous issues with our compliancy.
    • Corrected a memory leak that occurred with JPEG viewing.


    • Corrected certain instances in which the positioning of a macro was being shifted during page refreshes.
    • Previously restricted bar code fonts are now available for use in SwiftView Viewer. Functionality is still subject to other SwiftView Feature restrictions.


    • Silent mode will no longer display a progress bar; the task bar item will no longer appear during installation when using the –s flag.
    • Corrected an issue with Swiftview selecting the incorrect Soft Font in some instances.


    • SwiftView will now open files with special characters in the path when passed from an ICS file.
    • Corrected an issue with rendering line caps. The close cap was missing from some polygons.

    Release Notes

    Release Summary

    SwiftView 9.0.3 contains both feature enhancements and bug fixes.


    New Features

    • Ability to restrict use of SwiftConvert to single process on Windows Systems.


    New ICS Commands

    Allows for flexible multiple markup use

    • set pdfconfig <filename>

    This command is used to set the configuration file for PDF viewing.

    Example commands include:

    displayNamedCIDFontTT Arial "c:\windows\fonts\arial.ttf"
    displayNamedCIDFontTT CenturyGothic "c:\windows\fonts\gothic.ttf"

    • gui dialog viewmode

    Set the View Mode for document viewing.  This command opens a dialog which allows the user to determine how documents should be viewed by SwiftView

    Bug Fixes


    • Duplexed Postscript files will no longer strip out the blank back sides of the outputted pages.
    • Corrected a display issue that in specific cases the first page of a file was being displayed properly while all subsequent pages would display as blank sheets.


    • Implemented code to correctly add the EOFB to Postscript output which was causing some Fuji-Xerox printers to report an error.
    • Corrected an error message seen when using an image with a relative path as markup and exporting to a different location.

    SwiftView 9.0.2
    Release Notes

    Release Summary

    SwiftView 9.0.2 contains both feature enhancements and bug fixes.


    New Features

    • Windows 7 is now an officially supported operating system.


    •  Internet Explorer 8 is now supported.


    New ICS Commands

    • Set jbig2_weight_factor d

    This command affects JBIG2 compression when used with conversion to the PDF file format. Value can be set from 0.0 – 1.0 Default is .8

    • Set jbig2_maxcomp n [range 10-20000] default 9999


    • Set jbig2_mincomp n [range 0-20000] default 0


    • Set pdfres n

    Setting this value affects the quality of output PDF files from PDF input files. Range can be from 60-1200. Default is set to 600.

    • Set docinfo [Title | Author | Subject | Keywords | Creator | Producer | CreationDate | ModDate]

                            This command is used to populate file description fields for PDF output files.

    Bug Fixes


    • Improved memory usage by resolving issue with font caching.


    • Removed erroneous error dialog when user cancels out while opening a password protected PDF file.
    • Corrected an issue with the ‘set printxposition’ command which could cause alignment problems when converting files from smaller to larger page sizes.


    • Improved SwiftView behavior when working with searchable text.
    • Improved SwiftView font selection to more accurately reflect display characters.


    • Resolved memory leak that could cause SwiftView to crash Internet Explorer in certain instances.
    • Fixed issue with Firefox displaying “file not found” under specific circumstances.


    • Corrected an issue where refreshing SwiftView too quickly could cause SwiftView to stop responding in Internet Explorer.
    • Changed the default behavior when selecting the ‘view saved file’ option to open the file up in the systems default viewer instead of always opening in SwiftView.


    • Resolved an issue where the PCL initialization file could cause the application to hang.
    • Corrected an issue where our websites were not being added to the Trusted Sites area properly and caused some issues with some other sites.


    • Updated OCX which is now compiled as Unicode to allow for much better international support. The most noticeable change involves opening files in the browser, from the filesystem folders containing multi-byte characters.
    • Improved PDF formatting to help ensure compatibility with updated PDF/A-1b testing utilities.


    • Improved ability to handle negative Top Offset Registration PCL5 commands. This was causing some images to display incorrectly.
    • Added support for silent installations which was missing from some installers. There are two new flags available for silent installation in SwiftView 9.x, -q and –s. –q is quiet and suppresses everything except major errors while –s is silent and suppresses everything including major errors.


    • Added code to properly process text length command on a page by page basis in a PCL file.
    • Improved memory useage when paging or panning through PDF documents.


    • Corrected the error message ‘The requested file name has an incorrect format’ when refreshing some files with Internet Explorer 8.
    • Resolved issue where an invalid PJL END command could cause SwiftView to stop responding.


    • In certain instances the PCL Perforation Skip command was not setting the value of the document properly. This has been corrected.
    • Corrected an issue where SwiftView could stop responding while opening a file with malformed PCL data in it.




    November 3, 2008

    New product release: SwiftView 9.0.0

    SwiftView Viewer is the newest release from SwiftView and includes significant enhancements and new features to SwiftView Viewer and SwiftView Pro. It also includes new products that provide support for the PDF file format: SwiftView Pro+PDF and SwiftConvert+PDF.

      SwiftView, SwiftView Pro, SwiftView Pro+PDF, SwiftConvert, SwiftConvert+PDF

      • Optional PDF viewing, search, and conversion support -- available only with SwiftView Pro+PDF.
      • Spot-color output optimization for PDF and PCL fastprint. Spot-color is a method of output where only the portions of the page which contain color data are output in color, and all non-color portions of the page are output in black and white. Mixed color/mono documents now convert to much smaller sizes when converting to PDF or PCL.
      • TrueType virtual font subsystem allows fonts to be composited out of other fonts, and to define aliases so that the same font can be used under multiple names without duplicating TTF files using a "map file."
      • SwiftView loads and processes a "PCL5 initialization file" before loading PCL documents. This allows users to provide PCL-specific configuration which can't be achieved through the PCL defaults dialog. The initialization file name defaults to $NDGUTIL/init.pcl but can be changed with the new ICS command "pcl initfile filename.
      • PCL "format 16" font autobolding and autoitalicization is now supported for PCL download fonts and fonts in the TTF directory. TTF directory fonts enable autobolding with "XXXXw" in the font name, where XXXX is the set of "allowable bold" flags specified in octal. Autoitalicization is enabled with "as" in the font name.
      • Output tray selection is supported in PCL and PostScript output with the new "set printouttray trayspec command. PCL output tray and PJL OUTBIN settings are passed to the output when "set printouttray original" is turned on, or a specific tray can be selected with "set printouttray traynumber. When enabled, output tray selection or passthrough will cause converted pages to be printed to the specified tray, or to the trays specified in the source document.
      • Old print scaling quality command "set printbitonalscaling" has been generalized to new command "set printquality". In addition to controlling bitonal scaling quality, this command enables/disables antialiasing when rendering PDF documents.
      • Files can now be dragged-and-dropped onto Standalone SwiftView viewer and it will open them.
      • The search dialog now accepts text in the native encoding (non-US character sets). Text found in PCL files can now be searched, copied to the clipboard, or saved as text in either Latin-1 or Unicode UTF-8 encodings. This enhances SwiftView’s support for international documents.Many improvements have been made to the appearance and correctness of the SwiftView TTF font set.
      • Conversion speed of landscape files to PDF has been improved.

      The following enhancement is only available with these products: SwiftView Pro, SwiftView Pro+PDF, and SwiftConvert+PDF

        • Asian fonts are supported: Asian symbol sets and PCL character parsing methods, including Unicode. New set of Asian fonts and corresponding virtual font map file can be downloaded from the website: Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean. New Asian symbol sets are:
          • GB2312 = 18C = 579 (Simplified Chinese)
          • WIN31J = 19K = 619 (Japanese)
          • KSC5601 = 19H = 616 (Korean)
          • BIG5 = 18T = 596 (Traditional Chinese)

        October 22, 2007:

      • SwiftView and SwiftConvert Version

        Version is a thoroughly field-tested bugfix release of version 8.3, and is a strongly recommended upgrade for all customers.  Version highlights: 
        • Supports eLynx WPS .elx document files, and is the new standard WPS viewer.
        • A critical security update to ActiveX control and browser plugin.  For an overview, please read the eLynx security bulletin or Security issue FAQ
        • Mixed letter/legal printing on single-tray printers.
        • Searchable text in tiff files.
        Version 8.3 highlights: 
        • PDF/A-1b compliant output.  SwiftView now converts PCL, HPGL, and TIFF to PDF/A, a new ISO standard PDF subset that ensures the long-term usability of archived documents.
        • Secure, passworded PDF output
        • Windows Vista and IE7 support
        • Dynamic control from JavaScript in Firefox/Mozilla/Opera browser plugin, via ICS commands
        • Many printing improvements, e.g. PCL edge-to-edge and custom paper size handling, improved PostScript output
        • Improved duplex handling.  Optimized printing of duplexed files on duplex and simplex printers
        • Input tray mapping.  Input tray selection is configurable for your printer
        • Customer-installable TrueType fonts, e.g. for barcodes
        • Complete color printing support including HPGL and markup (Pro Viewer and SwiftConvert only)
        • SwiftConvert reads streamed PCL and HPGL data from a pipe, improving embedded rendering performance
        • Verified memory and resource management for continuous conversion operations.

        Customers with current maintenance may install now
        Download a free 30-day trial of here

        SwiftView/SwiftConvert release notes   (to view, Install SwiftView)

        Sept 20, 2006:
      • SwiftView and SwiftConvert Version 8.2:

        Version 8.2 highlights: 
        • SwiftView Pro and SwiftConvert now output smaller PDF and TIFF files in many cases:
          • New JBIG2 compression makes most PCL text files converted to PDF at least 3 times smaller than in version 8.1.  Large files with a lot of text will achieve even better compression, up to 10x or more.  This was accomplished via participitation in Google's new open-source JBIG2 technology initiative. 
          • Automatically selects the best PDF/TIFF compression format for each color or monochrome page.
        • New SwiftConvert features assist in conversion workflows, especially under the new Directory Monitor
        • New SwiftView Viewer and SwiftConvert features:
          • TrueType fonts can be installed to support custom PCL symbol sets.  This enables printing of specialized characters (such as barcodes) without installing font cartridges in the printer or including download fonts in the PCL file.
          • Improved rendering accuracy, especially HPGL text
          • Color and transparent markups now print correctly to all output formats
          • Improved viewer compatibility with the FireFox browser
          • Internet Explorer 7 viewer compatability, as of IE7 Release Candidate 7.0.5700.6

        Customers with current maintenance may install 9.2.3 now
        Download a free 30-day trial of 9.2.3 here

        SwiftView/SwiftConvert release notes   (to view, Install SwiftView)

        May 26, 2006:
      • SwiftExtract, the batch PCL page extractor, is now a member of the SwiftConvert product family, and is deployed as a licensing option to the SwiftView Viewer/SwiftConvert program.  This enables:
        • using SwiftConvert's simple command structure and page selection features in SwiftExtract
        • adding fast random PCL page access to SwiftConvert
        • reducing the price of SwiftExtract to $2495
        • bundling SwiftExtract and SwiftConvert for $3495
        May 26, 2006:
      • SwiftView and SwiftConvert Version 8.1:

        Version 8.1 has numerous new features and improvements.  Here are some highlights.  The following improvements are only in SwiftView Pro viewer and SwiftConvert:
        • Conversion performance improvements, especially for Windows print of landscape files
        • Output hpgl/markup in color to PCL, PDF, TIFF, and PNG files
        • SwiftConvert can now be executed by a Windows service

        The following improvements are in SwiftView Standard and Pro viewers and SwiftConvert:
        • Generalized output size control for all save and print drivers; permits, e.g., fixed-size TIFF output and mixed letter+legal FAX output.
        • PCL duplex handling fully implemented, including display of duplex informtion.
        • Major improvements to PCL and HPGL rendering accuracy, e.g. text spaces and HPGL text.
        • Generalized page-per-file file numbering, e.g. mytiff01.tif
        March 18, 2006:
      • SwiftReprint discontinued:
        SwiftReprint is no longer available.  Some of it's features have been incorporated into SwiftView ProEmail sales@swiftview.com if you need markup editing, emailing of files, or manual SwiftStamping capability. 
        September 2005:
      • New! SwiftView Pro viewer
        Builds on SwiftView Standard with high-performance, high-resolution color PCL viewing, extraction and conversion.  Highlights:
        • Manually export as PDF, TIFF, PNG, or plain text
        • View and print COLOR PCL5 and PCL6 files.  The most complete PCL support available.
        • Manually print or save ranges of pages from a PCL file in their original PCL format. 
        Upgrades to Pro are available at a special price to customers with current maintenance and support.  Please email licensing@swiftview.com for upgrade pricingRegular Pro pricing

        September 2005:
      • SwiftView and SwiftConvert Version 8.0.2:
        The following new features are available only in SwiftView Pro and SwiftConvert:
        • Render at 600 DPI for display, print, and conversion.
        • View and print COLOR PCL5 files in full color.
        • Export and convert to PDF, PCL, and TIFF in color.
        • Export and convert searchable PDF from searchable PCL/HPGL documents.
        • Tailor your output with the new Export options menu.

        The following new features are also included in SwiftView Standard:
        • View any PCL file: SwiftView now renders accurately on nearly all PCL and non-raster HPGL files, without compromising SwiftView's industry-leading speed.
        • View and print PCL5 color files in monochrome, just as on newer monochrome PCL printers.
        • Access the GUI configuration menu from the ActiveX control and web browser plugins.
        • Configure PCL printer front panel settings and printer type by right-clicking on the toolbar.
        February 2006:
      • SwiftReprint version 2.6.1 (update for existing customers only):
        • New Markup editing features - move/delete existing markups.
        • Easier-to-use markup with menu shortcuts and "Keep Tool" mode.

      • December 2004:
      • New! SwiftConvert
        Programmatically convert any number of PCL, HPGL or TIFF files to PDF, PostScript, PCL, Raster HPGL, PNG, plain text, CALS, PCX, or TIFF

      • New! reduced SwiftStamp Batch pricing.
        Now anyone can afford to distribute documents for free viewing and printing with SwiftView.

      • SwiftView Viewer and SwiftConvert version
        • 35 new features and many bug fixes since version 7.0.
        • First SwiftConvert release, including conversion to PDF and PNG.
        • Available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, SCO, and IBM AIX.
        • XP Service Pack 2 compatibility.
        • Foxfire browser support.
        • Print multiple ranges of pages, even/odd pages, in reverse order.
        • Enhanced printing of custom and mixed paper sizes.
        • View TIFF-LZW files.
        • Support additional PCL and markup symbol sets, such as barcode fonts.
        • Updated French, German, Italian, and Spanish translations.
        SwiftView release notes.

      • SwiftReprint version 2.5.1 (update for existing customers only):
        • Instantly compose an email message with your document pre-attached.
        • Easier-to-use markup with menu shortcuts and "Keep Tool" mode.
        • Instant first-time extraction of the first few pages of a large PCL file (SwiftReprint uses SwiftConvert 7.1).
        SwiftReprint release notes.

      • SwiftPublish version 2.5.1:
        • Fully searchable and copyable text from most Windows applications.
        • Citrix/Terminal Server compatibility.

      • May 2003:
      • SwiftView viewer Version 7.0.1 with Color PCL 6, Mozilla/Netscape 7 support, improved markup and printing, web-based fonts+forms, and more.

New! Features in SwiftView Version 7.0.1:

  • Mozilla and Netscape 7 are now fully supported by the SwiftView Windows plugin.

  • Color PCL 6 document support. The SwiftView viewer now supports PCL version 6, including color PCL6 files.  Now you can make any Windows document into a print-perfect, portable PCL document file.  See the press release for more information. 

  • Fonts On Demand.
  • Macros On Demand. We've made a great tool for presenting form-based reports on-line even better.  Browser-based Windows SwiftView can now automatically download from a web server any macros or fonts required by a PCL document.  The fonts and macros are cached by the browser, so only need to be downloaded once for any number of delivered documents.  This enables on-line forms to be implemented just as they often are in real printers, with pre-installed fonts and macros.  It also gives improved accuracy and performance for documents that depend on printer-resident fonts, without requiring a custom installation of SwiftView. 

  • Enhanced text search. SwiftView can now search for text in more file formats, from more sources, faster, while using less memory.  Its sophisticated text analysis capability has expanded to include text export with full character position information. 

  • Intelligent Printing. SwiftView takes full advantage of the fact that PCL and HPGL are actual print streams, and prints using the most precise and efficient printing method possible for your printer.  If you have a LaserJet or HPGL-compatible printer or plotter, the printout IS the original document - no print driver or distiller gets in the way to change its appearance.  PCL and SwiftView preserve the page layout of your original printed document, including mixed page sizes and duplexing.  No other portable document format, including Acrobat and PDF, can do all this! 

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