SwiftView® PCL, HPGL, PDF and TIFF tools: convert, view, print, markup, extract.
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SwiftView Products
PCL, HPGL and TIFF files are compact, accurate and portable documents.  View, print, distribute and convert them with SwiftView Pro and SwiftConvert.

SwiftView Viewer View and Print PCL, HPGL and TIFF
  SwiftView Standard Viewer displays, prints and searches the industry-standard "print streams" PCL, HPGL and TIFF.  SwiftView is easy to install, use and integrate.  Available on Windows® and UNIX - Used by millions worldwide. 

License your users or application servers, or license your document files or websites for free viewing by an unlimited number of users. 
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SwiftView Pro Manual PCL to PDF conversion, enhanced viewer and more
  SwiftView Pro Viewer adds manual conversion to PDF and TIFF, color, 600dpi PCL rendering, extraction of PCL pages, and more to the SwiftView Standard Viewer.  SwiftView Pro is an advanced PCL analysis tool for document, output and print management systems. 
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SwiftView Pro+PDF Universal Viewer for PDF, PCL, TIFF and more
  SwiftView Pro+PDF Viewer adds support for PDF files to the SwiftView Pro Viewer.  SwiftView Pro+PDF enables you to view all of your business files with one, easy-to-use, light-weight viewer. 
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SwiftConvert Automated PCL to PDF conversion and more
  You can easily make your PCL, HPGL and TIFF files available in the common PDF and TIFF formats.  SwiftConvert is a programmable batch converter based on the same technology as SwiftView Pro Viewer. SwiftConvert+PDF is a special version of SwiftConvert that supports PDF as an input file enabling you to batch convert or print PDF files. It is based on the same technology as SwiftView Pro+PDF. 
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SwiftExtract Extract accurate subsets of large PCL files
  Extract any range of pages from a million-page PCL file, creating a new file with pages that are bit-for-bit identical to the original.  SwiftExtract is fast enough to extract pages on-demand.  Reprint, split print jobs, or extract one bill or page from a very large billing run or report.
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SwiftPublish Convert PDF or Windows® documents to PCL/TIFF
  SwiftPublish accurately captures any document printable on Windows, such as a PDF file, Microsoft Office document, or web page, and brings it into your PCL/TIFF-based system.  Simplify your print, document management, and archiving workflows.  Batch print files to any printer.
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SwiftStamp Free viewing of PCL, HPGL and TIFF files
  Embed SwiftStamp licenses in PCL, HPGL and TIFF files.  Then anyone, anywhere can view and print for free with the SwiftView Viewer.  The "stamp" does not change how the files display or print. 
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