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Mortgage Originator Magazine
November 2003
Avoid an Identity Crisis
"'The only secure way to send documents is through an SSL (secure socket layer)technology that is virtually immune to hackers. They have proved they can crack anything less, and will, given the value of loan information.' SwiftView provides a low-cost alternative with its SwiftSend technology."
Microbanker Weekly Tech eLetter
November 4, 2003
SwiftView Introduces New Features in Latest Release of SwiftSend LoanDocs®.
"Quality Control Plus Feature Set Enhances Quality Assurance Throughout Lending Process."
Mortgage Technology Magazine
March 2003
A Swift View In Documents  by Georgia Steele
"Mortgage firms looking for immediate, secure and accurate electronic delivery of closing documents and other time- and security-sensitive paper, will find these and other useful features in SwiftSend LoanDocs." (page 36)
The Business Journal
(Portland) 1/6/2003
SwiftView execs play musical chairs "SwiftView Inc., a privately heald Tualatin software company, continues to shuffle its executives to handle growth..."
Mortgage Technology Magazine
Nov-Dec 2002
Vendors to Watch...   "Earlier this year, we profiled 100 of the best technology vendors in the mortgage space . . . These are the companies we think will do great things in the near future . . . SwiftView ['s SwiftSend] technology is curently co-marketed with both Interlinq's MortgageWare . . . and Provantedge." (page 51)
The Business Journal
(Portland) 10/04/2002
A flair for dealing with documents...   "SwiftView has made swift work of moving paperwork along for homebuyers in a red-hot real estate market ....." (page 24)
Mortgage Technology
Aug-Sept 2002
Mortgage Technology's Top 100 Technology Vendors
Secondary Marketing Executive
March 2002
"Speed Through Electronic Document Delivery: Electronic document delivery services may seem similar, but they have important differences that you should examine carefully...
"SwiftView Spies Document-Publishing Software Niche" .... "Adobe Acrobat's stranglehold over the document viewing market is being challenged this week by SwiftPublish, a similarly configured plug-in offered by SwiftView. ...
Business Finance Magazine
October 2000
"Reporting Online" .... "It’s still the same report that you would have printed out, but now it’s on your computer screen," says Randy Prakken,...
Compaq Enterprise
April 2000
Using industry-standard print-stream formats for collaboration....
Northern Development makes swift change......Randy Prakken is making his company sound as cool as its products and as widely known as its non-business pursuits.
The Oregonian
...SwiftView is a household name at big outfits such as Boeing, Cisco Systems and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration....
The Business Journal
(Portland) 03/20/2000
Northern Development now`SwiftView'...   The corporate name change was made, the company said, "to better represent the focus and branding of the company's electronic publishing and document delivery software ....."
HP World
How Format Styles Make the Most of Your Web Files, a comparison of PCL/HPGL, HTML and Postscript/PDF for use as electronic documents and drawings.
Info World
Print-to-file viewer gets zipped.... Northern Development Group will ship in June the next version of its SwiftStamp file-viewing program, which will include a file-compression feature....
E-commerce network
A new E-commerce network designed to order and deliver real estate information services includes an Internet-based document repository providing on-line access to the documents related to real estate transactions. SwiftView is an essential part of this network.
Intranet Journal
July 1998
SwiftView: A Web-based Imaging Solution Low cost and high fidelity take the paper out of financial reporting [Originally published in Bank Rate Tracking]

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