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SwiftView technology now creates smaller PDF files, improves PCL printing performance and rendering accuracy

Contact: Kate McPherron
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PORTLAND, OR – September 27, 2006 –
SwiftView, Inc., released a major new version of its SwiftView product family that integrates JBIG2 compression to output dramatically smaller PDF files, supports custom PCL symbol sets, and positions SwiftConvert as a high-performance PCL ripping engine.

"Incorporating the latest JBIG2 compression technology makes SwiftView's PDF output much smaller," says Glenn Widener, SwiftView Tools product manager.  "JBIG2's remarkable compression ability, supported by both Adobe and Google, make it likely to soon become the preferred technique for bitonal image files, supplanting the current Group-4 compression."

SwiftView Pro 8.2 and SwiftConvert 8.2 now support: 

  • Smaller output of PDF.  JBIG2 compression now makes most PDF files less than one-third the size of PDF produced by previous versions of SwiftView.  The compression is even better for large files with a lot of text; JBIG2-compressed files are often one-tenth the size of files compressed with other techniques.  
All SwiftView products now support:
  • Custom symbol sets.  Users can install True Type fonts to support symbol sets for characters that are not part of the basic PCL specification, e.g., barcodes, Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc.
In addition, all SwiftView 8.2 products now consolidate and complete features introduced in earlier versions:
  • Full printing of markup.  Color and transparent markups print and convert to all output formats.
  • High performance printing:   higher print speeds, greater rendering accuracy, and more make SwiftConvert ideal as a high-performance PCL print ripping engine.

SwiftView version 8.2 products are available now on Windows and Linux workstations and servers; Unix and other platforms will be available soon.  Free thirty-day trials with SwiftView's legendary technical support can be downloaded at www.SwiftView.com.

About SwiftView Inc.
Founded in 1985, SwiftView develops and markets value-added tools and services that help organizations worldwide eliminate unnecessary paper in their processes, and improve document management, storage, and print workflow.   The company's SwiftView PCL Viewer and other PCL tools are used by thousands of companies with millions of users in a wide range of industries worldwide.  SwiftSend, a web-based service operated by SwiftView, is the most widely used secure electronic document communications and processing service in the mortgage industry.  SwiftView has been named one of Oregon's fastest growing companies for the past six years in a row.  For more information, please visit the SwiftView Product Announcements Page or call 1-800-304-5941 ext. 2.

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