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SwiftView® Releases the First Color PCL6 Viewer on the Market

Makes Windows documents portable in seconds, without conversion

Contact: Kate McPherron
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Portland, Oregon – Mar. 1, 2004 –
SwiftView, Inc., today released SwiftView version 7.0, a substantial upgrade that supports viewing and printing of all PCL version 6 documents, including color.

"SwiftView's support for color expands the usability of PCL as a highly accurate portable document format from any Windows® application, like business presentations, color photos, highlighted spreadsheets, full-color maps, and more," said Glenn Widener, SwiftView Tools product manager.  "SwiftView and PCL handle a greater range of business documents with ease, including huge documents like ERP reports, bills, etc.  With no-cost authoring, optional SwiftPublish and SwiftReprint document packaging and workflow tools, and SwiftView's flexible licensing, users can expect dramatic improvements in both productivity and the bottom line, especially compared with proprietary formats."

The key features of SwiftView version 7.0 include:

  • Color document support: supports PCL6, including color.
  • Enhanced text search: more file formats, from more sources, faster, using less memory.   Text analysis includes text export with full character position information.
Version 7.0 also incorporates:
  • Fonts On Demand/Macros On Demand: browser-based SwiftView automatically downloads from the Web any macros or fonts required by the PCL document.  Fonts and macros are cached once downloaded, enabling easy and efficient online forms implementation, and improving accuracy and performance for documents that depend on printer-resident fonts.
  • WAN licensing option: licenses an entire wide-area network with one license file.

NOTE: PCL is the native format for HP LaserJet and many other laser printers; it is easily created by printing "to file" with an appropriate driver - no printer is needed.  PCL files are extremely accurate because they are the actual original document as printed.

About SwiftView, Inc.
Founded in 1985, SwiftView, Inc., develops software used by organizations worldwide for packaging, viewing, printing, delivering and managing online documents and drawings.  Based in Portland, Oregon, SwiftView has been named one of Oregon's fastest growing technology companies for the past three years and one of the state's fastest growing private companies for the past four years.  For more information about SwiftView and its products, please visit www.swiftview.com.

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