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> SwiftView is Now eLynx
> eLynx SwiftView Tools Releases version 8.3.5
> Combine SwiftView Tools and eLynx Services Together
for Enterprise-Wide Solutions

SwiftView is Now eLynx

In October 2006, SwiftView, Inc. joined eLynx, Ltd. as a portfolio company of American Capital Strategies, Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS), a S&P's 500 member with more than $12 billion in assets. This gives eLynx the strength and stability to extend its leadership in technology, innovation, and service to all of our customers. The SwiftView Tools product line will continue its dedication to quality products and service on which it has built a well-deserved reputation. Click the link below for information on the company and what it means to SwiftView Tools customers.


eLynx SwiftView Tools Releases version 8.3.5

Major enhancements to SwiftViewPro and SwiftConvert make this a must-have SwiftView release. Advanced rendering technology, full PCL5 and PCL6 color, PDF/A support, and JBIG2 compression head the list of enhancements and add to the industry leading technology that have made SwiftView the best choice for so many viewing, printing, and format conversion applications. Click the link below for details about the new release and an overview of all SwiftView offerings.


Combine SwiftView Tools and eLynx Services Together for Enterprise-Wide Solutions

Customers using both eLynx SwiftView Tools products and eLynx Web Services realize firsthand the synergy and value of integrated solutions from eLynx. By linking print management applications based on SwiftView Tools with secure document communications services, customers can have one enterprise-wide solution for managing documents across their organizations. Integrated workflow solutions that tie eLynx tools and services offerings together can simplify and enhance document viewing, printing, converting, and distribution.


SwiftView Tools Offer

Tech Corner

Technical information
from engineers for engineers.

Memory Efficient Color Rendering

With businesses today using color in their documents more than ever, it's imperative to handle color images intelligently to reduce memory requirements. Otherwise, printing even simple documents with color could grind a computer to a halt. SwiftView can help.


PDF/A files in Archive Applications

The TIFF specification has for many years been the mainstay of imaging and document archival systems. But now there is a new contender for the archive technical niche: PDF/A. SwiftConvert can output either TIFF or PDF/A, but not all of our customers may be familiar with PDF/A.


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