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> Did Microsoft Just Make your Archives Obsolete?
> Batch-print and Capture PDF and Native Files with New SwiftPublish
> eLynx to Exhibit SwiftView Tools at the AIIM International Conference

Did Microsoft Just Make your Archives Obsolete?

Microsoft’s recent announcement that they were discontinuing support for some older file formats, including Microsoft Office files, caught many by surprise. But it does serve as a wake-up call for businesses that archive documents in native file formats. These businesses may find they cannot open the archived Word files when they need them. If you archive documents in native file formats, you should consider switching to industry-standard formats, including PCL, TIFF, and PDF. These formats are supported by multiple vendors, so with strong industry backing, they aren’t likely to be obsolete down the road. SwiftView Tools can help with the transition.


Batch-print and Capture PDF and Native Files with New SwiftPublish

eLynx is pleased to announce the release of SwiftPublish, version 2.8. This release adds new capabilities to SwiftPublish that greatly enhance its value and usability as a document capture tool. SwiftPublish is a server-based application that creates print-ready PCL or archive-ready TIFF or PDF files from native files produced by any Windows® application, including Microsoft Office®, Adobe PDF, or Windows-based line-of-business applications.


eLynx to Exhibit SwiftView Tools at the
AIIM International Conference

eLynx and SwiftView Tools will participate as an exhibitor at the combined AIIM Expo and On Demand Expo show next month in Boston. Visitors to the eLynx booth can learn about SwiftView Tools’ entire suite of document viewing and output management and distribution solutions. These solutions allow companies to streamline all of their document viewing, printing, conversion, distribution, and archiving processes across their entire enterprise, regardless of the source, format, or target recipient of the document. If you will be attending the show, please let us know, and we can arrange a time to meet. Email us at sales@swiftview.com or call Dewey Kelly at 971-223-2618 or Kathy Cash at 971-223-2661. Or drop by anytime. For more, visit http://www.swiftview.com/press/aiim2008.htm.

New Online Payment Option

Some of you will soon see something new in your annual maintenance quotes from SwiftView — a link to pay online. For those of you who pay by credit card or by wire transfer, paying online may be a more convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to renew your maintenance. So look for the link, try it out, and let us know what you think.

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Tech Corner

Technical information
from engineers for engineers.

Holes in Standards: Choosing the Right Document Format for Interchange and Archive

What is the best format to use in your business for document interchange and archiving? According to Glenn Widener, Senior SwiftView Engineering Manager, it depends on how you will be using the documents. PDF, PCL, and TIFF all have their strengths and weaknesses. In this edition of Tech Corner, Glenn discusses the different formats and shows how SwiftView Tools can help make the decision easier.


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