SwiftConvert+PDF: convert PCL, HPGL, and TIFF to PDF, etc.
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Convert PCL / HPGL / TIFF to PDF, etc.
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SwiftConvert is the fastest and most accurate converter of PCL, HPGL, and TIFF to PDF, TIFF and other distribution formats.  Integrate high-volume batch conversion into your server-based application or workflow.  Or convert groups of files without programming using the simple Windows Multi-File Conversion Utility.   With the optional SwiftConvert+PDF, you can add support for PDF as input files. This means you can use SwiftConvert+PDF to convert PDF files to PCL, HPGL, TIFF, and PDF/A-1b file formats. SwiftConvert features: Try SwiftConvert on Windows today.  Download both the free Multi-File Conversion Utility and the SwiftConvert free evaluation.  The Conversion Utility Quick Start Guide shows you how to use the Utility. 

Conversion Quick Start Guide (interactive conversion with Pro Viewer, SwiftConvert command lines, using Directory Monitor)
SwiftConvert User Manual (Install SwiftView to view this manual).

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Manual Conversion:  SwiftView Pro Viewer is a less expensive manual converter that produces identical output to SwiftConvert. 

Add Viewing:  We offer SwiftView Pro bundled with SwiftConvert at a special combo price. Contact us for details.

Extract PCL pages:  Purchase SwiftExtract bundled with SwiftConvert at a special combo price to instantly locate and display one item in a huge PCL print file, such as a billing run.  Contact us for details.

We are continuing to develop new SwiftConvert features.  Contact us to discuss your conversion needs.

SwiftConvert Customers:

Produce Extremely Accurate PDF documents
“I'm really impressed with SwiftConvert.  The results are excellent.  I can hardly tell the difference between the reports printed from the original PCL file and the PDF output from SwiftConvert!  We tested several PCL-to-PDF conversion programs and SwiftConvert is the best - it's the only one that does a satisfactory job.”
Save Paper & Money
“My client LOVED SwiftConvert.  Your product will save them a LOT of money. It installed easily and had good support when they did have a glitch (which I think was due to their machine, not your product).  I evaluated several products in your class and yours seems to be the best.”
Improve Workflow Processes
“We were printing, then scanning into PDFs, which then get faxed.  It's extremely inefficient!  In order to fax without this intermediate process or just email PDFs directly, I tried a copy of SwiftConvert and it's awesome -- the output is clean and it's very easy to use.
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What makes SwiftConvert so accurate?

SwiftConvert's "true print-quality" rendering makes documents that look just like the originals. This rendering technology is the same as in SwiftView, the most accurate PCL/HPGL viewer available, and is the result of over ten years of refinement and use in thousands of applications by millions of users worldwide.

To preserve document accuracy, SwiftConvert always outputs a complete raster image for each page.  Some converters attempt to output "vector" data, i.e. discrete graphic entities.  While in many cases this may result in a smaller file, it can cause inaccuracies because no two graphic languages ever implement exactly the same rendering model. 

SwiftConvert - the next best thing to actually delivering the original printstream!

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