Compare SwiftView and other TIFF Viewers
SwiftView offers several advantages over other TIFF viewers:
  • Quick and accurate rendering.  SwiftView renders even large TIFF files very quickly and displays accurately on-screen and in print. 
  • TIFF, PCL, and HPGL viewing.  Viewing multiple formats with SwiftView allows archivists to maintain legacy TIFF files as well as archiving in the more useful PCL or HPGL formats, viewing and printing with one consistent user interface. 
  • Multipage and Page-per-file support.  Many viewers only support single-page files.  SwiftView supports multipage TIFF files, as well as ".001 format", which places each page in a single file for fast random access.   SwiftView Pro extended SwiftView licensing also allows you to combine single-page TIFF files into one multi-page TIFF file, or split a multipage file into single pages.
  • Streaming Web access.  SwiftView's ".001" support means you can randomly access individual pages, e.g., on a web site, without first downloading the entire set of pages.  The first page appears immediately when you view a page-per-file TIFF document.
  • Searchable TIFF.  SwiftView and SwiftConvert 8.3 support including searchable text in a TIFF file, using the Microsoft extensions for Microsoft Office Document Imaging and Windows file search.
  • Metadata support.  Important information about the document, such as author, date of creation, and comments can be included in a TIFF file using SwiftView's SwiftStamp technology, and viewed in the SwiftView viewer.
  • Collaborative Tools - SwiftView's markup capabilities make it easy to annotate and markup TIFF documents under the control of your application. 
  • Security.  SwiftView supports direct viewing of ZIPped and optionally passworded TIFF files.  Not only does this frequently result in better compression, but it permits restricting document access to only people with a password you provide.  And SwiftStamp guards your data against tampering!
  • Technical support.  SwiftView is a fully supported commercial product, with phone and email support and regular new releases, unlike most TIFF viewers available today.  It has been in use with TIFF since 1994, and correctly handles TIFFs from the full spectrum of TIFF writing software.
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