Why PCL and SwiftView make a better portable document format

PCL and HPGL print files are the most reliable and efficient portable document format for business-to-business applications.  We hear stories every day from businesspeople who can't get their job done with PDF, and find that when they convert PCL to PDF they get unacceptable errors.  They now simply distribute their original PCL/HPGL print files with SwiftView Tools, and are thrilled with their results! 

Compare PDF and PCL/HPGL - How do I choose?.

But my boss says I have to deliver PDF!

There are some document distribution applications where using PDF and Acrobat is reasonable, for example color prepress documents of only a few pages to thousands of end-users, or when users are not allowed to install any software. 

For these applications, SwiftConvert provides HPGL and PCL to PDF conversion.  And our new conversion to PNG allows pure browser-based document delivery directly from print files.

But for most electronic deliveries of printed documents, the SwiftView Viewer and PCL/HPGL will deliver superior quality for a lower total service cost than PDF.

So how do I convince my boss that delivering PDF isn't the right solution?

Here's why, for most applications, SwiftView and PCL or HPGL portable documents are a much better alternative to Acrobat and PDF:

  • PCL and HPGL are real print formats, and are your document as you actually proofed it on your office printer.  PDF, by contrast, is a conversion to a non-printing format which can introduce e rrors.
  • HPGL is a high-resolution drawing format suitable for distributing, printing, and archiving cad, engineering, and architectural drawings.  PDF is not.

  • PCL or HPGL and the SwiftView viewer are smaller and faster and easier to use than PDF and Acrobat.

  • PCL and HPGL are true multi-vendor open standards.  PDF is a proprietary document format, with Adobe in control of virtually all aspects of the PDF specification and key PDF technology and tools.

  • Generating PCL or HPGL is free.  Generating PDF from Windows applications costs up to $449 per seat.

  • Programmatically generating PCL or HPGL is easy.  Programmatically generating PDF is very complex.  Because of this, PCL is the universal standard language for generating print-formatted reports and financial documents.

  • The free Acrobat Reader version 5 installed on the most computers can't print mixed paper sizes (e.g. letter and legal).

  • SwiftView can view PCL documents with millions of pages or drawings up to E size.  Acrobat can freeze at 100 pages and won't view E size.

  • Our unique Stamp and Website licensing makes the SwiftView viewer just as free to your users as the free Acrobat Reader.

  • The SwiftView viewer downloads and installs almost invisibly in less than a minute on modern home internet connections.  Acrobat Reader version 7.0.5 download is 27 megabytes and takes over 15 minutes.  Can you assume your users will never need to upgrade?

  • For all of the above reasons and more, PCL is a better format for distributing large reports, electronically merged forms, and engineering drawings in a business-to-business environment. 

    But don't take our word for it.  Ask any of thousands of enthusiastic SwiftView customers who distribute documents every day to hundreds of thousands of satisfied users!

    Not convinced yet?  Here is the full story, including lots more reasons to choose SwiftView over Acrobat

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