Comparing SwiftView and Adobe Acrobat Reader
SwiftView and Adobe® Acrobat Reader each provide standalone viewing and print, and integration with Microsoft, Firefox, and other web browsers to help distribute documents.  However, users who regularly view documents may be better served by SwiftView than by Acrobat, for these reasons:

Fast download and small install size  
The browser-based SwiftView download is about 27 times smaller than Acrobat Reader 7.0.5 (about 1MB vs. over 27MB).  Hence, SwiftView downloads at least 20 times faster.  SwiftView’s executable size is also much smaller: about 1.5MB versus 90MB for Acrobat Reader 7.0.5.  Since many people do not have Reader 7 or later installed, you pay a heavy price if you use new Acrobat features.

Simple Installation  
Browser-based SwiftView downloads and installs on Netscape or IE with a single click and the process can be made entirely silent (except for optional browser security messages).  The Acrobat Reader must be downloaded, saved on the local drive, double-clicked, then the user must answer questions before it opens.  Are you sure all your users can find the setup file once they download it? To use new Acrobat features and bug fixes your users must be willing to download and install the entire new version! 

Trivial to learn  
SwiftView's simple, configurable user interface lets users pan, zoom, page, print, search for text and more using only 10 default buttons and no pulldown menus.  Training and support costs are virtually nonexistent.  User manual

  • SwiftView can pan and zoom pages with a single operation.  Acrobat requires clicking on the klunky "zoom in" tool first.  After that you're in a new "mode."  SwiftView has no modes; it always works the same.
  • SwiftView can rotate pages or drawings in 90 degree increments.  Acrobat cannot.
  • SwiftView users can select a rectangle on the current page and print it the full size of the paper.  Acrobat cannot.
  • SwiftView can do rotated cuts important to viewing and printing portions of engineering drawings.  Acrobat cannot.

Easy to Configure, Integrate and Automate  
SwiftView buttons and keystrokes are configurable at both startup (with a simple file) and dynamically (using server scripts) from a website or LAN.  Acrobat has no such flexibility.  Below SwiftView's extremely simple user interface (invisible to users) lies the Imaging Command Set (ICS).  ICS commands can be used to configure the user interface, control viewing, add markups (like watermarks or released drawings) and do many other things to automate documents.  This is as simple as placing a text file on your website with a few simple text (ICS) commands in it; no programming necessary.

Designed for real documents and production systems  
SwiftView is in daily, heavy production use on over a million Windows and Unix systems!  Real documents like manuals with thousands of pages can easily—even automatically—be placed online as a single downloadable PCL file.  SwiftView provides fast, interactive viewing using a minimum of system resources and displays what the document actually looks like.  PDF and Acrobat quickly become sluggish and unusable with large engineering documents or as documents grow beyond a hundred pages and Acrobat's memory "fragments" from repeated use.  Our customers rarely need to update their software - "it just runs, I don't even think about it."

  • SwiftView is optimized for very large documents with hundreds of thousands of pages.  Try that with Acrobat Reader some time!
  • SwiftView’s user interface is designed for viewing highly detailed engineering drawings (HPGL) and images (TIFF) as well as the page-oriented documents that Acrobat Reader is designed for.

High performance  
SwiftView starts up almost instantly; Acrobat Reader 6.0 takes at least 20 seconds to load.  SwiftView redraws an entire page approximately twice as fast as Acrobat Reader and provides excellent performance on slow systems.  SwiftView displays and moves around inside documents MUCH faster than Acrobat Reader.

SwiftView directly views zipped PCL/HPGL.  Acrobat Reader does not view zipped PDF files.  Zipped PCL files are almost always much smaller than PDF equivalents. Small files cut display time by 30-95% for normal Internet use, regardless of connection speed.  Zipped PCL ensures much faster file downloading, shorter times to view the first page, and reduced server loads.

Reliable software  
SwiftView is in daily, heavy production use on over a million Windows and Unix systems!  Our customers rarely need to update their software - "it just runs, I don't even think about it."

SwiftView Pro+PDF Views PDF files!  
Now, with
SwiftView Pro+PDF, you don't even need Adobe Reader to view PDF. You can use a single viewer to view PCL, HPGL, TIFF, and PDF files. So even if you have to view PDF files, you don't need to use the Adobe Reader. One more reason to make SwiftView Pro+PDF your universal viewer.

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