Multi-File Conversion Utility Quick-Start Guide

This is a quick-start guide to the Multi-File Conversion Utility included with SwiftConvert for Microsoft Windows. 

You can also perform manual conversions of single files through the SwiftView Pro graphical user interface (GUI), or use DOS or UNIX shell and ICS commands to convert multiple files with the SwiftConvert batch utility.  Learn how here

Interactive Conversion with SwiftConvert Multi-File Utility

Start the Utility from Start...Programs...SwiftView...SwiftConvert Multi-File GUI.  You will see the following window:

SwiftConvert Multi Gui 

Here a close-up of the toolbar on SwiftConvert Multi-File Utility:

You can interactively convert multiple files at a time with SwiftConvert.  Simply click the Add File(s) button from the SwiftConvert toolbar to add PCL, HPGL, and TIFF files to the conversion list using the standard Windows open dialog.

To select a contiguous set of files, select the first file, then press Shift while you select the last file.  To select multiple individual files, hold the Control (Ctrl) key while you select each file. 

To remove a file from the conversion list, select the file in the list and click the Remove File button.  To remove all of the files from the conversion list, click the Remove All Files button. 

Once all the desired files are added to the conversion list, click the Convert File(s) button to convert all of the added files.  To stop the conversion of files, just press the Cancel button.  For help at any time, just click the Help button.  The Status box will output the progress of the conversion, and will state the whether each file on the conversion list was converted, the conversion finished, and whether the conversion was canceled or failed.

You can also view the following options from the Options menu:

  1. Select your desired file type from the Output Type pulldown, e.g., PDF, TIFF or PCL
  2. If you want to output each page to a separate file, choose One .NNN file per page.  The files are named filename1.001, filename2.001, etc...
  3. The Output Directory box shows the current destination for converted files and can be changed manually or by clicking the Browse button.
  4. The ICS Command box provides an example of the needed batch command to convert a “sample.pcl” file with the current settings in the options dialog.

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