SwiftView Imaging Command Set - An Introduction

The Imaging Command Set (ICS) is the primary language to configure and control SwiftView Viewer and SwiftConvert. It puts you in charge of SwiftConvert batch conversion and SwiftView's appearance, features, and configuration without complex programming.  ICS is much easier to use than linking to Windows dlls or other programming libraries. 

ICS enables virtually any program to take complete control of SwiftView.  You can dynamically modify the user interface, control what is being viewed, etc., effectively building your own GUI to document viewing.  Dynamic programmatic control of SwiftView is a unique result of SwiftView's sophisticated architecture, and  enables easy SwiftView integration into a broad range of architectures and applications.

ICS commands can be sent using command lines, files, "Stamped document files", Windows DDE, ActiveX properties and methods, web browser OBJECT properties, SwiftInside DLL function calls, and UNIX and Windows pipes. 

A simple file placed on a website or a LAN can configure all users instantly, or commands can be placed in files or typed on the command line.  No other viewer that we know of offers so much control over the viewing experience.  ICS commands can be used to accelerate printing, create your own buttons, convert files in batch mode and hundreds of other functions.

See the SwiftConvert User Manual for typical commands for SwiftConvert, or the SwiftView Technical Reference Manual for a complete reference to all ICS commands for both the Viewer and SwiftConvert.

Example ICS Commands.

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