Yellow Sticky Note Markup Demo
The HTML form below is a very simple user interface demonstrating a way to generate SwiftView markups for a document.  It applies your text on a "yellow sticky note" markup to the selected document.   Click here to view the source for the form.   Note that the source contains PHP3 instructions that are delimited by "<?" and "?>".

To display the results, click on the "Display SwiftView" button at the bottom of this page.  When you click on this button, your options are submitted to the PHP3 program, stickynote.php3, that generates the ICS commands for SwiftView.   This could easily be a CGI, ASP (see stickynote.asp example), or JSP program as well.   These commands are sent back through your browser to the SwiftView Netscape plug-in or ActiveX component.   To view these generated ICS commands, click on the "Display ICS commands" button at the bottom of this page.  

In a real application, the PHP (or CGI, ASP, JSP) program will need to store these ICS commands into a file or database, then associate them with the original document.   When viewing the document, another server-side program will be used to fetch the ICS commands and original document.   These tasks we leave as exercises for you to design and implement.


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