SwiftView Browser Plug-In Easy Windows Install

You've been directed here by a website or product licensed to use the SwiftView ActiveX control.  SwiftView views several file types

  • It's Free! You can view documents or drawings from any licensed website.
  • It's Easy! Simply click the button below to install SwiftView.
I don't want to view TIFFs with SwiftView (SwiftView "Green" for Business Documents)
I want SwiftView to take over TIFF viewing (Traditional Multi-Format SwiftView)
I'm not sure, so don't take over TIFF for now (SwiftView Green)

Tell me more about TIFF viewing.

* is an older, widely-used version of SwiftView Viewer for Windows.  Go here for more information about your version choices.  If you want to evaluate the latest release, or if you need SwiftView for Unix, please visit the main download page.

If you use both Internet Explorer and another browser on one PC:   This page only installs in the browser you are currently using.  If you use both, you must visit this page and click the button above with each browser.

Want to learn more about SwiftView PCL, HPGL and TIFF tools?

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