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  SwiftView Sparc Linux Plug-in
SwiftView® Sparc Linux Plug-in
Download and execute as root

This download will provide you with a fully functional but time-limited version of this great SwiftView product. After several weeks the SwiftView Plug-in begins checking for a license and, if no license is found on a web site or in a file, your will see a 30 second "delay menu". You will never see the 30 second delay when viewing files from licensed web sites, when on a licensed LAN or when viewing licensed files.

Pressing the button below downloads the SwiftView Plug-in installer for Netscape 4+ on Sparc Linux 2.3+. Simply save npsv_linux.bin on your local drive, switch to superuser (root) and execute the download. It is not inherently necessary to be root but this is least likely to have permission issues. These are all standard UNIX concepts, so experienced UNIX users will have no difficulty.

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