SwiftView SwiftConvert Trial Evaluations SwiftConvert Trial Evaluations
SwiftView tools are not free programs.  These downloads are for evaluation use only.  All features are fully functional, however the evaluation version can only be used for 30 days and, during the evaluation period, all viewed or printed pages will be watermarked.  After that, you will need to purchase a license and install a production copy, or for an extended evaluation, email sales@swiftview.com or call our sales department at 800-304-5941x2 or 971-223-2600x2. 

Purchase and use of these products is subject to our Standard Software License Agreement.

If you will be using a SwiftView product as part of a product or service you provide for a third party, you may need to be licensed as an OEM or ASP.  If that is the case, please let us know when you contact us. 
Programatically convert PCL, HPGL, or TIFF files to PDF, PostScript, TIFF and other formats.  (Note - SwiftConvert is the same software as SwiftView Viewer, but licensed for batch use instead of viewing.)
SwiftConvert for Windows (XP/Vista/7 & Server 2003/2008) version (2.7MB download)

The features enabled on non-Windows evaluation software may differ from the features enabled in licensed versions of specific SwiftView products. Please refer to the product descriptions for features included with each product. If you have questions, or if you would like to arrange an evaluation of a specific SwiftView product, email SwiftView at SwiftView Licensing or call 1.971.223-2628.

SCO SwiftConvert version 9121 (11.8MB download)
HP-UX 11+ PA/RISC or Itanium SwiftConvert version 9121 (15.2MB download)
Solaris 2.5+ Sparc SwiftConvert version 9121 (11.8MB download)
Solaris Intel SwiftConvert version 9121 (14.5MB download)
IBM RS/6000 AIX 5.2+ SwiftConvert (Viewer not currently available) version 9121 (10.6MB download)
Linux Intel SwiftConvert version 9121 (11.6MB download)

*** The following are no longer supported, and do not support recently released features (e.g. SwiftConvert conversion to PDF).  Newer versions will not be available on that particular OS or system except on a custom product basis.  If this causes you problems please email details to sales@swiftview.com.

SunOS 4.1.2+ Sparc SwiftConvert version 500 (3.8MB download) ***
SGI IRIX 6.2+ SwiftConvert version 424 (2.7MB download) ***
DEC Alpha UNIX SwiftConvert version 424 (2.5MB download) ***

Sample SwiftView test files 

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