Viva SwiftView and PCL!
Hear how our customers use SwiftView and PCL:

"I have an application that creates PCL document files which are distributed by an Apache Web Server. For legal reasons the margins and font sizes on the printed documents cannot be adjusted by the view print engine. To keep things interesting, a single document will be made up of legal and letter size pages. SwiftView's a big help to us."

"We tried looking for free viewers, but nothing does this job like SwiftView."

"We were considering posting our documents to the website in PDF, but after checking out what Stewart was up to, we're investigating the use of PCL instead. Our title commitments have to maintain accuracy. These forms must be ABSOLUTELY accurate. Since all the information starts out as PCL printfiles anyway, we were wondering, 'Why bother taking the risk of converting them into another file format?' And since SwiftView can also read plat maps and TIFF files, that's a big boost."

"We definitely have an application for SwiftView as we do a fair amount of testing and set-up of various PCL applications. I myself find it very useful. No need to send documents to the printer, wait for them to print and waste paper. Only the final output will be printed. And I can extract the page number I wish."

"We tried what we could find in PCL viewers and SwiftView was the best. As SwiftView easily integrates in our app with Visual Basic, plus the fact that you're web-enabled - nothing else came close."

"Our data management system requires capture of raw data from many different applications. We have so far been looking at Adobe Distiller and Acrobat for presentation on an intranet, but as you know there are a few problems with Adobe…. One of our clients, a large pharmaceutical company, won't risk the PDF conversion process on its chromatography data, hence our interest in PCL printstreams and SwiftView, which has tested best among all the PCL viewers we could find."

"Great product! We are using SwiftView to preview PCL code generated from a Windows based report generator system. It is by far the best product we have reviewed."

"SwiftView is being used by a systems development team at our investment management group in London to develop a series of reports generated by software provided by DocuCorp. The reports are output in PCL6 format to a file and then copied into a printer queue to print. These reports are very long and for development purposes and to minimise wasted paper they are intercepting the print files and viewing them with Swift View to check for errors."

"PDF is the most voluminous stuff I've ever seen. It's worse than Gates-ware."

"We are currently implementing PeopleSoft and find SwiftView invaluable for viewing and printing SQR lis files."

"SwiftView works very well on our NT Network. We use it for viewing documents from a UNIX-application for financial administration. Our users love it!"

"I work for a consulting firm that is assisting a large insurance company in the production of annual statements for their policyholders. We are working with DocuCorp (a publishing company based in Atlanta). We send them data files and they send us back PCL files with the completed annual statements. We've been testing the statements by printing them all out, a process that takes an entire person and two printers a whole day. Being able to view the results on-screen just makes more sense for us. I evaluated both SwiftView and PCL2PDF to see which would work better for us. We've decided to go ahead with SwiftView. It's much more accurate in terms of fonts, especially custom fonts. Our group has been truly astonished at how well the product works, even on files up to 800 pages long. We haven't had any problems at all. I'm putting together a requisition for a LAN license."

"The reasons why we decided to switch to Swiftview are numerous. Most important are the quality of your product and the quality of your support team."

"I'm using SwiftView as a test tool to verify that PCL output from an X Windows Print Server is produced correctly. I didn't have a spare printer hanging around, so I'm really glad I came across SwiftView to help me complete my testing. It's worked great."

"We're considering posting forms in PCL directly to our intranet without conversion into PDF. The accuracy issue is something we're thinking about now, as we've noticed that PDF changes some things on the overlay forms."

"We're really pleased with SwiftView. We compared it to another viewer which also converts to PDF and that's okay, but its font rendering was crappy and it brought up our portrait pages left side down so we had to rotate each page as it came up."

"I'm evaluating SwiftView for a client who needs to distribute large PCL print files via the net. I just did the one-click install of SwiftView for IE 4/5 and it went very smoothly. Loading your sample files was also flawless, and the simplicity of your GUI is a joy in this era of button encrusted bloatware.

"I am currently using SwiftView with Jetforms. WAY COOL! This is great for viewing student records without printing."

"StreamServe creates archive files which are put into an MS SQL server with PCL files as objects. We have been using PDF files as default, this because of the free Acrobat. But when our customers have huge files or slow workstations, tests have proven that PCL and SwiftView are much faster."

"SwiftView ROCKS!! This app is so sweet. I have duplicated the DOS based check printing with an "N" tier web check printing solution. SwiftView enables the end user to preview the checks before printing. The "Direct" printing method is just what the doctor ordered. The original file definition including non-standard PCL commands is output to the MICR printer. The results have knocked the socks off the folks here. One aside, I had to modify the npsview.ics file, not the sview.ini file, and place it in the Internet Explorer folder to modify the default settings for SwiftView. You guys have done a great job of building a 'viewer' framework that is easily customizable via the ics file. Thanks for all your help. I'm giving a very enthusiastic buy recommendation for your product as well as word of mouth endorsement to anyone who needs this capability."

"Thank you for your very well SwiftView and your zest! I am in China working on developing UNIX Operating System. I do the partition of Printing on HP LaserJet PCL printer. Your SwiftView is a helpful tool in my work. There are others PCL viewer, in my opinion the SwiftView is the Best One. In some places it may need to be improved. First is the help window. I think you may make it more comfortable using the GUI interface. Second, if there is a PCL source code window according to the view window it will more helpful to some special user. And it may be improved to view color PCL files if it can't now. I will introduce SwiftView to my friends if they need such things. I think this is what I can do and should do."

"Our PowerBuilder data window is used to print reports to just about any PCL or other kind of printer. Sometimes, a customer will complain about a gap in a page using for example HP4050 on Windows 98. Since we won't typically have EVERY printer a customer can use, the Print-to-File really helps us (now that we found a reliable viewer). I would like to continue to use this product. Often the difference in time between logging a bug and getting it fixed and verified can be months."

"We are using SwiftView for viewing an online account statement from Strong Funds for our 401K account. It was great to be able to access this information online to help manage our retirement account virtually."

"We tried conversion of mortgage files into PDF but the result was highly dithered and hard to read, the overlay lines were out of whack and some signature boxes were missing lines."

"I may be doing some work with a circuit designer who can generate PCL renderings of circuits for me to view. Having a viewer is a nice alternative to needing an HP printer."

"Our other option was to create PDF files but personally, I don't really like the Acrobat viewer. If I get anything in PDF, I usually prefer to print the document out instead of reading it on my screen ... which doesn't say a lot for the viewer. With the availability of PCL data straight off our AS/400, we would need to run a PCL to PDF conversion prior to having a web-viewable invoice. This seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me ... hence the appeal of a product that would allow us to simply publish invoices without conversion at all. SwiftView's doing exactly what we want."

"I use SwiftView to view and print laboratorial exam results for the Clinical Analises Laboratory I work for in Brazil. I found it to be very very useful due to the fact that before, we had to download the exam result from the internet than retype it again to finally hand it to the doctor or patient. Now with SwiftView we print the result right from the Internet and hand it to our patients. Congratulations for the program."

"SwiftView's solved a big, big problem for us: our guys go into the field with two laptops, one a UNIX server, the other an NT server. We can't exactly ask our prospective customer to provide a PostScript print server. SwiftView allows us to look at PCL forms without going NEAR a printer. It's helped us out of a bind."

"I use SwiftView primarily to open and view e-mail from other e-mail formats such as Unix, and formats from Asia (I have no idea what they are, but SwiftView opens them)."

"My company is in the process of going to a paperless environment and we are using SwiftView to implement that."

"I like your viewer. It works good. Compared to other products, it works very swift-ly."

"I work in Oracle Support in the Reports team, and one of the biggest problems is printing. It is impossible to have all printers available, and therefore if we know that a report has printed a file correctly then Reports has done its job. Your viewer is excellent to determine if the file has generated correctly. Thanks."

"The 6Meg Bloomberg reports are sent in via modem and they take all day to print. We'd store the paper or shred it, it was awful. Now with SwiftView, we can zip them down to 768K, save them indefinitely, selectively print pages, search for text ... SwiftView does it all."

"At Xerox we have our own proprietary Page Description Language called LCDS/w LCDS Fonts, Forms, Images, Graphics ... for our printers. Some of our customers want to print data in this format on ordinary Postscript and PCL5 capable printers, therefore we developed a transform program we call XPTM. I do customer bug fixes on the XPTM code and it is very convenient to use Swiftview to see if the transforms were performed correctly rather than always printing out the data on the printer which is quite distant from me."

"I'll be using SwiftView to view PCL printer output from a SAP application for debugging purposes. It'll be replacing another PCL viewer, which I have found to be slow and clutsy. When I installed this other PCL viewer a few months ago, it didn't work. They guy who developed it sent me a patch with some font files and a script. eeeeekk... Still doesn't work all of the time - views a few files, and eventually comes up with a dialog that says "GDI Failure". A Windows reboot is the only thing that clears it. Since they got my money they've become difficult to work with. Your demo installed and worked instantly, and runs a lot faster. "

"Our application for SwiftView is to enable some folks in our back office to view a 4500 page printout instead of printing it. Since they are receiving this printout over a standard modem line hooked directly to the printer, it usually takes several reprints until they get it all. Since our people look only at the summary pages for each account, and then at the details if necessary, this will speed up the process of checking this report many, many times. We'll be able to download the file via FTP (as soon as our account is set) then view it, printing only the pages we need if a printout is requested. I must say that I've looked at two other products, and they can't touch SwiftView's ease of use. They require a "conversion" that slows the reading of the document. Additionally, I could not find a function that would allow me to search the text that was displayed. When you wanted to perform a search in these viewers, you had to select an unopened file. How clumsy is that? One of the products said that it could be installed in a browser, but your installation and operation is so intuitive that I didn't even bother to test it. "

"I'm using SwiftView with PCL for distributing documents on-line without selling my soul to Adobe."

"We prefer PCL for our mortgage documents, it has everything you need for formatting and it's very compact. SwiftView's a perfect fit."

"We print all kinds of forms. SwiftView's great for previewing prior to printing, searching for text between in documents with oddball fonts or finding a single page to reprint inside a 73,000-page PCL file."

"We have tried SwiftView and like it a lot. Our product market area is production print - mainly high speed laser printing. We can process both IBM's AFP and Xerox' datastreams and can output to a number of formats. One of the outputs is PCL, hence our interest in your viewer. People here have tested 2 or 3 PCL viewers, and SwiftView is the best."

"We were converting PCLs into TIFFs but we don't have to now that we found SwiftView."

"My banking client generates secondary loan documents in printfile format. Sometimes they convert to PDF, sometimes they remain in PCL. I've demonstrated your SwiftStamp to them and they like it a lot, especially after I told them it's their decision to have their customer download a 800K copy of SwiftView or download a 8Meg copy of Acrobat. They're sold on SwiftView, which as a tiny executable, is great: It sees a file, opens it, prints it. Simple."

"I'm running JetForm Central. It's print/output software, but when you're doing a lot of testing it's much easier to use a PCL viewer than print out scads of test documents. Let me say that I LOVE SwiftView. I've been using another PCL viewer that's freeware and it's OK, but SwiftView blows it out of the water. "

"We have a large client-server application that uses an Oracle database with a whole whack of C programs on the server which access the database and print reports. They painstakingly construct PCL files with bolding, graying, font switching etc., and send the result off to a printer. I'm working on a new C program that will save paper and shoe leather by previewing reports on- line with SwiftView instead of printing them."

"You've heard of FTP? We have our own protocol: FPP. Right now we're printing 3000-page Oracle reports, taking the few pages we need then - fpp! - tossing the rest. SwiftView's a big improvement. We've looked at other PCL viewers but for on-line viewing and selective printing, SwiftView's the best thing we could find."

"I've never seen a product that could view PCL files with the ease of SwiftView. Now we can post flood, tax, credit, title, escrow... all kinds of mortgage documents in 100% original printstream and we won't have to change the way we do things, selling our customers on Adobe's process just to support their so-called 'free' viewer."

"Some of our customers prefer to send us PCL printfiles. We can't say no…."

"I've been choking on vendors. Most of them promise they'll do things, then I spend four months debugging their software for them. At least you guys do what you say you can do. SwiftView's gonna work fine for our insurance documents on-line, which HAVE to be in PCL for legal reasons, you know the drill."

"I only needed to view fifty pages of a report, and I figured it'd be better not to waste seven hundred and fifty pages just to view fifty pages out of eight hundred pages…."

"We have tested the SwiftView reader and are very satisfied with it. We produce ca. 5000 PCL files per day which are printed immediately off an Oracle server. Sometimes a document has to be viewed later and SwiftView meets this need. At our main site there are 200 users on a LAN and there are 27 small sites (with 5 to 15 Users per LAN) around Switzerland connected via WAN."

"We do market research interviews and surveys for thousands of clients. Some of these reports have hundreds of pages. Giving our clients fast and accurate access to their data hasn't been very easy. We've done extensive research and, believe me, nothing else comes close to what you can do. Finding SwiftView has lifted a big weight off us."

"Swiftview has saved us countless man-hours in troubleshooting problems at our customer accounts. Y'all did a great job."

"We're using the SwiftView Plug-in to view and print mortgage loan applications off our secure website. A loan file associated with its closing documents is called internally then posted to the site with a new document name, passworded into a file folder for a specific lending agent who can manage all his documents in that location. Once this system is up and running, it's going to save us $300K a year."

"SwiftView's particularly good for our bulk mail insertion program."

"We're using SwiftView to print two large PCL-format files from our payroll/personnel system. Our larger lasers are hooked to an AS/400 left over from previous regimes. We don't have native PCL support on any of them (Xerox and IBM). We send the average print file via FTP or NJE to the AS/400 and let it handle the physical printing. These two print files come from a program that drew its own forms using PCL instructions so we can't just send it through the /400. SwiftView views and prints our 91,000 page file just fine. SwiftView will open the file and let me look at any part of it. I like SwiftView, it makes reprinting pages ruined by paper jams or post-print ops easy because we can see the page we want to re-print before we ship it to the printer."

"We're pleased that SwiftView can read a zipped file, as some of our users have 28K modems. And we really like the simple command line syntax of SwiftStamp, it works as advertised. One of our customers has very high overnight shipping costs just to send unexecuted closing forms and this solution saves them a day. SwiftStamping files and giving the end user a free copy of SwiftView is better, faster and cheaper than the way the mortgage industry's doing things now."

"I use SwiftView to preview changes in files: one team creates them, the next team copies them, then my team troubleshoots the application which uses these files. Occasionally, I like to know what's in that file. I guess I could print it out, yet I only know the Windows command where I have a printer connected to my PC via lptX. I'm using a shared printer and don't know the command line to send it to that printer. Therefore, SwiftView makes things a little more convenient."

"The viewer works well with anything I've thrown at it thus far. We have a law/time billing package and a POS/Inventory management package. With either package I have a set of scripts (UNIX only!) that will allow form overlays to be sent to PCL capable lasers as macros and one of those macros is called for each page as required."

"The electric co-ops want more flexible bills, so we've got to get an on-line billing system going. Some of the PCL files are over a Gig, and we're running some hardcore tests on SwiftView, which works wonderfully. We're creating these PCL files via Microsoft Access 97 and a Xerox (or Unisys) printer driver, but we ran into a wall trying to come up with a viable solution for reprinting relatively small portions of these PCL gigafiles. I really like SwiftView's "FastPrint". The main reason we're interested in your FastPrint is due to the high speed printer that our MS Access- based application will be feeding. The printer is rated at slightly more than 200 ppm and is a continuous feed system, so keeping it working at peak performance is important. We mail out over a million bills a month currently, and that volume will be increasing ... therefore we've got to have fast EVERYTHING! SwiftView handles the big files, it handles the little files…it pretty much does it all. We couldn't ask for better. Hats off to the developers."

"At my current site I am researching requirements for the outsourcing of most production printing (invoices, statements). Our prospective partner recommended your product to check the integrity of the print files to be sent to them, especially to ensure that all the PCL formatting was present in the file. SwiftView has been very useful in determining from where on our system the print file must be taken to be a proper PCL file that the outsourcer can handle. For instance, the print files sitting in our print queue are not (yet) proper PCL print files, however once they reach the printer they are due to some transformation process in taking the file off the queue. SwiftView allowed us to confirm the point at which we need to copy the print file to get the right formatting. Other comments - seems very easy to use and didn't need any special configuration (I haven't had to read the manual yet). It appears to show our fonts, boxing and layout ok."

"I represent a software team charged with migrating established software from OS/2 to Windows. The legacy system spools by creating disk files of PCL then batch prints by COPYing the files to LPT1. We have been investigating SwiftView with regard to using it with the Windows version of the software, which is ultimately distributed free-of-charge to 100-200 organizations. Looking at your licensing options, SwiftStamp seems the most appropriate. While we have found other considerably cheaper products that would serve our purposes, SwiftView appears to provide substantial functional completeness and robustness."

"Our product generates PCL loan documents for access by our dealers over the web with the SwiftView Plug-in."

"We post mortgage documents to our site and format is critical to us. The pagebreaks, margins and boxes can't move around and the signature's GOT to be where it's supposed to be. We're committed to PCL and we're committed to SwiftView, which reads zipped PCL just great. Our 2 Meg closing sets shrink down to 700K, which is important considering we have to support end users who are running 14.4 modems, 386, who knows what."

"The application is a Document Management System. SwiftView is absolutely great. Really. I have never seen another viewer like it!"

"A section of our company prints labels which first must be approved by the customer. I am thinking of using SwiftView to display the PCL versions of the label. So far SwiftView is doing everything I want it to."

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