Quotes from Users of SwiftView and TIFF
Hear what SwiftView users tell us about their TIFF viewing
Render TIFF in an instant - other viewers can't compare!

Time testing?  On some 1.5 meg TIFF files, it took the Wang viewer three minutes.  It took SwiftView three SECONDS. Not to mention if you want to scroll or zoom, the Image 95 viewer takes another full minute, where with SwiftView we were flipping through pages, zooming in and out.  SwiftView's open, it's easy and it'll save us a lot of money.  If things that have to be made available to the public can all be put on-line  WITHOUT CONVERSION, we'll be uptown on this one.”

“We'd been looking for a multi-page tiff viewer for some time with little success.  The ones we tried were complex programs with lots of options that we didn't need.  SwiftView, on the other hand, is elegant and VERY fast.”

“SwiftView was chosen because of its very fast startup on HP-UX UNIX compared with other viewers like the "Imageview" by HP, XV, and Spicer Imagenation, and it was one of the only viewers that interprets the TIFF header orientation field correctly (one of the microfilm scanners scans the images from left to right, not from top to bottom).  We are generating a CD with HTML files and TIFF images from our PDM vault.  We will use the SwiftView plugin to view the images on the CD together with Netscape or MS web browsers.”

“Everything goes well with the SV plug-in.  I've tested about a dozen plug-ins for TIFF and no one else was suitable.”

“Native DXF viewing wasn't acceptable for the whole building: the translation just wasn't clean enough.  HPGL and HPGL/2 are a much better alternative.  Plus SwiftView has great TIFF viewing abilities.  The Wang viewer just couldn't cut it, it was too slow to render, too slow to pan and zoom and it caused some real DLL headaches.”

“Other viewers have a plethora of buttons that scare the hell out of our customers.  SwiftView functions well and is unintimidating.  It's the best product for our system.”

“Kodak Imaging takes a long time just to open a TIFF file.  SwiftView is a hundred times faster.”

“We've been using viewing apps like Spicer Imagenation at this site, but we need to provide access to our HPGL and TIFF data for other sites on our corporate intranet and SwiftView is so far the best.  Some of the other plugins I tried had terrible performance problems and some of them simply didn't work on our files!”

“The TIFF file we needed was on a web site, and when I opened the link, a page says, 'You need an image viewer that can support TIFF files, click here to download one.'  That image viewer is the Wang Image Viewer - and its installation is a nightmare so I found yours.”

“I'm very impressed with the speed of SwiftView.  We doubleclick in Explorer and there's the file!  It brought compressed TIFF images of our D-size engineering drawings up WITHIN ONE SECOND on my 166 MHz Pentium.  This is a very impressive speed in comparison to other viewer software we've tested, like WangImage, AutoDesk Viewer, Paint Shop Pro and some others.  We have twenty thousand drawings scanned into compressed TIFF 4 format, about 500k to 1Mb each.  This program is ideal for quick viewing and searching.”

“ SwiftView is simple and basic to use.  It's going to replace what we're using now, which is two viewers that together can't do all that SwiftView does.  One of those viewers works fine for AutoCAD drawings, but it doesn't support TIFFs - and we're scanning lots of legacy drawings.”

“We're using SwiftView on filings, motions, judges' responses and appeals, all scanned into TIFF.  We compared SwiftView to eight other software programs and liked you best.”

“We recommend SwiftView to all our customers who need a fast response on their TIFFs.  Neither the Wang TIFF viewer nor its plug-in version from Kodak brings drawings up as quickly as SwiftView, which pops it right up and lets you get to the details instantly.  There's no other viewer as fast as SwiftView.”

“We were testing SwiftView.  When executed with all our switches and parameters, it seems to be doing a very good job.  I have worked with so many third party products, and most of them have failed at one point or the other.  SwiftView has given a very positive result so far.  It has passed all our stress tests.  I am very satisfied with its performance.”

“I'm in my final year doing my degree through University of Wales.  I received some lecture documents that were scanned in 'tiff' format and I couldn't open them properly with all the other imaging programs.  A fellow student then told me to download SwiftView, as it works the best.  It's working like a dream.”

“SwiftView's working great.  The application is an accounting program designed for farmers and small businesses.  The latest thing is being able to print W4, I9s, etc., for employers.  PDF files were too big and a there's a lot of overhead with Adobe Reader. (We couldn't send 10+MB Acrobats plus 4+MB PDFs to over 200 clients.)  We already use SwiftView to view log files from our server for report purposes, and saw that SwiftView reads TIFF or JPEG files. So I found a converter program that takes PDF files and converts them to TIFF or JPEG. Now we do that, then use SwiftView to read the TIFF documents.”

“We have about 300,000 HPGL and TIFF files online for Intranet users to access.  SwiftView works much better than JVue, and AutoVue is more expensive”

SwiftView works well: easy, fast, accurate

“After downloading SwiftView, I had the first three files up and running within ten minutes.  SwiftView loads TIFF images extremely fast.

“We were so happy to find SwiftView yesterday.  Several boxes of TIFF images had been scanned upside-down, and my task was to rotate each page 180 degrees.”

“A customer told me that if I needed a tiny and fast multipage TIFF viewer, SwiftView was the best in the world.  When designing document management systems, there are often tons of legacy data and scanning is not the worst of the answers.  I love tools which do what they ought to (in a discreet way) but not the least more.”

“We suggest SwiftView to our clients as a great product for viewing their archived files produced by our applications.  I'm a designer of enterprise GIS systems where we have a need to view HPGL2/Tiff etc., images.”

“SwiftView works very well.  I downloaded it when someone sent me some pictures over the Net and needed a plug-in to view them.  To be honest, I may never need to use it again.  I will say this, though: it loaded easy, worked very well, and I liked the option of being able to rotate the pictures, etc.”

“SwiftView's working great.  We're using it to view NOAA's weather charts.  We are in the process of moving on board a sail boat that we will live on in the Caribbean and looking for info and apps that will be helpful to us once aboard.”

“We use the SwiftView Plug for a rewrite of our Accounts Payable system, an Active Server Page/Active X/Visual Basic system.  The application has links to invoices in TIFF format that can be viewed by anyone in the company (which is why your license agreement is so attractive).  The viewer is great, it loads fast and is very stable in IE - even old versions like 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 4.7!”

“I've finally created a database of over 45,000 HPGL and TIF files, written a front end in Perl Tk and found SwiftView to be the best package for it.”

“We're using SwiftView for viewing TIF files obtained from our PDM system.  I setup the association so when I open one of the files, it will automatically open SwiftView.  Getting the files from the old archive was excruciatingly slow, but now that we are using E-Distribution we can get files much faster and have SwiftView open them immediately!   A time saver for sure.”

“We have been using the SwiftView ActiveX for years to retrieve TIFF files from a UNIX file system via http calls to an Apache web server.  Performance has always been very good, which is why we've stuck with your product.”

“Our customer chose SwiftView to view .tif files.  It works beautifully, and the customer has put this solution into production.”

Just the tool for e-faxes

“I have found SwiftView very fast and friendly, ideal for viewing faxes that are delivered through email as TIFF images.”

“Thank you very much for the SwiftView tiff viewer.  It is a great tool to have.  The plug in is very intuitive to use and the icons are very self-explanatory.  I am using SwiftView to view faxes stored in a fax server.  I have tried a few tiff viewer plug ins, but yours is the best that I have found.”

“I have been using SwiftView to view multi-page .tif files that I get from eFax.com.  The standard xv on our system only views the first page.  SwiftView is working wonderfully for me.”

“SwiftView is the only viewer I've found that will allow me to view multipage TIFF faxes.”

“We're using SwiftView for adding and viewing Corrective Action Statements from our suppliers that come in as eMails, faxes and paper.  We scan them or import them as TIFFs.  I downloaded SwiftView a couple of days ago and it works like a charm.”

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