Quotes About How Customers Use SwiftView
“I'd like to congratulate you.  I looked at a lot of different products and SwiftView renders images really nicely.  You're out there in corporate America helping people get the job done.”

SwiftView Facilitates Financial/Legal Processes
SwiftView Works for Insurance
SwiftView Aids Manufacturing/Engineering Graphics
SwiftView is THE WAY for ERP Reports
SwiftView Helps Populate Websites/Intranets
SwiftView Makes Government Information Accessible

SwiftView Saves Paper!

"We have tried SwiftView and like it a lot. Our product market area is production print - mainly high speed laser printing. We can process both IBM's AFP and Xerox' datastream and can output to a number of formats. One of the outputs is PCL, hence our interest in your viewer. People here have tested 2 or 3 PCL viewers, and SwiftView is the best."

"I only needed to view fifty pages of a report and I figured it'd be better not to waste seven hundred and fifty pages just to view fifty pages out of eight hundred pages…."

“Sometimes we get behind seven hours on printing. My Department's less of a printer hog now that SwiftView can preview on-line and print one page from a multi-thousand page report if that's all we need. Some of our clients print six thousand pages on a daily basis.”

“For our clients to accept a CD instead of paper, it's CRITICAL that we quickly reproduce an exact duplicate. PCL and SwiftView give us the exactitude and speed we need.”

“I use SwiftView to see scanned invoices that are sent to our corporate office.  It works great and I am glad we are able to cut down on paper waste.”

“Our Forwarding company has an in-house developed app that sends files in printer format to clients and field people, but our customers no longer want all these files exploding to paper, they just want to look at pages two and three, for instance, and SwiftView does a great job of previewing. We looked at other viewers we found on the Net and there's a mass of difference, particularly with your speed. We don't need a mouthful of DLLs, you know what I’m saying? And this viewer is so simple to use, the decision was hands down SwiftView."

“We have reports that we print out and like to keep a copy of them on disk. With this previewing application we won’t have to actually print onto paper a "text only" copy for archival purposes. I am very impressed with what SwiftView can do.”

“We're looking for a way to save paper (Yeah, right!) by letting some of our PCL documents be viewed on our intranet instead of printed directly. I assume the users will most likely print the reports anyway, but maybe only the ones they REALLY need. Your plug-in works great!”

SwiftView Facilitates Financial/Legal Processes

“We do fairly complex legal documents with special fonts, graphics and lines, and SwiftView was the only PCL viewer that could render our documents without problems. I was surprised it could read details down to 640 x 480, and it's very nice at selecting and expanding parts of a document."

“It's going to save us considerable money in personnel time and postage, converting and mailing piles of paper. The accuracy of distributing documents electronically will prevent a lot of related difficulties, we won't have to send thirty pages to the printer anymore. SwiftView's features, its flexibility and its cost made it the best choice. It was by far the fastest viewer for bringing up our documents.”

“We'd like to replace the faxing of financial documents with an automated eMailing system. We’ve got three phonelines plugged into a fax server, they’re cooking all the time, and I’d really like to see eMail take over faxing - so I can get some sleep.”

“We’re using SwiftView to preview deposit statements to doublecheck accuracy before they print. We’re thrilled with its ease of use and execution.”

SwiftView Works for Insurance

Read our profile of insurance provider Oxford Health Plans.

“We process auto insurance premiums in PCL and rather than send multiple copies to printers, we're publishing reports for viewing with SwiftView on the network.  This has significantly reduced our paper costs."

“The insurance business is imaging everything now and sharing it over great distances.  PDF can't directly print and I don't care to process my documents twice.  Our insurance forms, apps and policies have to be exact.  If not, they're out of compliance with the States we do business in.  PCL is straight printable and it's always the same.  Which is why we need SwiftView: previewing and printing our PCL.”

“I work in an insurance software company where we generate forms in various print stream formats, one of which is PCL.  With the volume of print we produce in the testing phase, we started looking for some kind of PCL view so that we could check individual pages out of a large PCL file.  My idea is that we can greatly save on paper, toner, printer wear and tear and time.  Sometimes we get behind seven hours on printing.  My Department's less of a printer hog now that SwiftView can preview on-line and print one page from a multi-thousand page report if that's all we need.  Some of our clients print six thousand pages on a daily basis.”

“We do the back-end processing for insurance statement mailings.  We have an application that uses a Word template, fills in certain fields, then outputs a file as if Word had printed it.  We use HP Laserjet printers, so these files come out in PCL.  We can't read them with an ordinary text editor or from Word.  Normally we don't need to “view” them - just print them, but lately we've been doing historical/archival work, and instead of printing old files to see what was in them, we needed something to view them before we chose to print them or not.  SwiftView is nice and simple - oh yeah, and it actually works!”

SwiftView Aids Manufacturing/Engineering Graphics

CAD Managers talk about their applications of SwiftView.
Learn more about applications of SwiftView and HPGL for drawings.

"SwiftView's the best viewer we've seen. It's our primary viewer now. Everybody's really pleased with the use of HPGL plotfiles instead of converting Pro-E drawings into PDFs. We had a huge timelag with the PDF conversions. Creating an HPGL plotfile straight from Pro-E takes one tenth the time of our automated PDF converter. The line weights are consistent now whereas PDF had distortions, the drawings are easier to handle and not needing Acrobat anymore, there's one less Plug-in to deal with. We've got SwiftView for HPGLs and TIFFs and the AutoCAD Plug-in for their format, and that's all we need."

"We're using SwiftView for adding and viewing Corrective Action Statements from our suppliers that come in as eMails, faxes and paper. We scan them or import them as TIFFs. I downloaded SwiftView a couple of days ago and it works like a charm. Everybody could use this. Do you guys have Enterprise Licenses?"

"I'm a big cheerleader for SwiftView, it's reasonably priced and easy to set up. With some CGI scripting to some of my customers' vault systems, they can scrap all the Myriads they're planning at $250 [per copy] for 300 clients."

"As a PDM analyst, I'm in the process of evaluating middleware right now, and selecting viewers is one of the most time consuming things there is. Special native engineering type files need special viewers, but 80% of our company can live well w/ SwiftView and plotfiles. It's going to flow nicely to the PDM system. At first we tried converting our drawings to PDF on the fly using Acrobat Distiller, but it took too long, Acrobat wouldn't print a zoomed-in area, you can't really print an E-sized CAD back to the original and other irritations. We wasted a good week on Acrobat. "

"We're using SwiftView for an in-house application on our engineering drawings. We looked at other all-purpose viewers for HPGL/2, and SwiftView solved most of our issues in one fell swoop."

"Faxing D- and E-sized drawings is getting to be a nightmare, and we'd prefer not to convert our Pro-E concept drawings into PDF - it's a difficult process and there's a loss in the translation. SwiftView's a great alternative."

"SwiftView provides the basics fast and well. We use it over a hundred thousand times a month."

“[$600 per seat PDM add-on]'s watermarking on our HPGLs was bloating the files up to five times their original size. If it could call the document up at all, the response was way too slow. SwiftView just eats it right up!“

“Our code-compile-test cycle is too slow. I want to get a quick look at my drawings prior to plotting, rather than wait twenty minutes to see my work.”

“The engineers love how SwiftView handles HPGL/2 and the programmers love how it handles PCL.”

“We sell your viewer as a solution to bills-of-material added to the tif image of a part. We use it in almost each demo.”

“We’re attaching SwiftView to our drawing database and PDM system.”

“Rather than print a lot of C- and D-size satellite instrument schematics and shots of asteroids for casual viewing which we could wallpaper the office with, we're finding that SwiftView lets us do what we want to do: quick and easy previewing.”

“I am using SwiftView to view printed circuit board layouts in pcl format. It is a brilliant program and its brilliance lies in its simplicity. I have already recommended it to one of my friends and there will be more recommendations to come. A pat on the shoulder to all the guys at SwiftView, especially the programmers.”

“GIS licenses cost a fortune and we have problems with the network. I did some work on the quiet to prove that I could plot every map in the GIS (every night so that the data is current) and then display the maps using SwiftView. I found that I could plot all of the maps in about 45 minutes and that they convert from the compressed GIS format (15Mb) to about 65Mb in HPGL. This is small enough that they could fit on the laptop of an engineer in the field. I am working on a Visual Basic application which will display the correct map. It is hooked up to a gazetteer stored in an MS Access database.”

“We design pieces with CAD applications. We receive plans from our company and need to manage them in a fast and functional way with SwiftView.”

 “I have tested out the viewer and am very happy with the way it performs.  We have to convert HPGL files to Interleaf for our printed technical manuals but we are now looking to put all our manuals online.  Being able to use the raw HPGL file is a great bonus and time saver.  We intend to offer the online service via our intranet to our worldwide network of service centres, some of whom will use the plug-in and some of whom will use the standalone viewer.”

“SwiftView is very simple, very easy to use, and its speed flicking through 1000 images in our huge HPGL files proves that it’s very, very fast.”

SwiftView Makes Government Information Accessible

Government-owned Information Services Corporation (ISC) of Saskatchewan seleted SwiftView for viewing online land titles and all other property records in the Province of Saskatchewan.

A linked article in The Business Journal of Portland describes how all plans and maps of projects built in the City of Tigard are stored in its graphic information system, accessed and viewed by the public with SwiftView.

The British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Finance gives all current and past employees online access to information about their retirement accounts.

SwiftView Helps Populate Websites/Intranets

"We're considering posting insurance forms in PCL directly to our intranet without conversion into PDF. The accuracy issue is something we're thinking about now, as we've noticed that PDF changes some things on the overlay forms."

“We post PCL documents to a subdirectory on our intranet for staff out in the field. This is just what the Doctor ordered.”

“We are a school district of about 80,000 students in 200 schools. Our transportation (school bus) guys want to distribute route maps and so forth using our www based intranet.  PCL docs end up being smaller than PDF so we’ll be using SwiftView.”

“Our website has a huge problem with PDF: our 45,000 sales documents are big, slow and have poor integrity. SwiftView is preferable and it's the only UNIX-and-Windows solution we could find.”

“We faced the prospect of extending our $50K custom document management system to the desktop at $2,400 a seat. The functionality, usability and ODBC drivers all would've been slow. With SwiftView and the intranet, we're doing it much better, much faster, for virtually NOTHING.”

“We’re viewing expense reports on the company's intranet.  We tried to work with PDF but we didn't have much control over it.  SwiftView’s pulled us out of a bind.   Accounting is married to this spreadsheet and the only way we can view it on the intranet is in PCL with the SwiftView plugin.”

SwiftView is THE WAY for ERP/Database Reports

“We’re hooking SwiftView up to Oracle Financials, reading four-thousand-page reports we’ve converted to PCL.  My people are VERY impressed.”

“We use PeopleSoft and we generate reports that can be saved directly to a print-ready file with an .lis extension that you would normally copy to an LPT port. It's very user un-friendly for people to drop down to DOS and do a copy of a file to a printer port and not be able to see what it is beforehand. Also, they have no control over what pages to print or which printer to send it to. SwiftView not only allows for a preview of the file, it permits them to choose which page(s) to print and what printer to send it to. In addition to that, they can zoom into the file and select text out of it that can be copied to another program or document. On top of all that...it's easy to use. I could not have a better solution for my users if I had one programmed from scratch."

“If we lose page 7,433 of a ten thousand page Oracle Report we have to print it again!”

“We get large reports out of Sybase and rather than send them to the printer for an hour, we’re printing-to-file and previewing them, maybe selecting specific pages to print, controlling the document from the backend with SwiftView.  I tried a couple of other apps available as trial downloads and yours worked the best.”

“PeopleSoft Technical Support (Customer Connection) recommended your product as a way to view audit documents in case we decided not to print them.  Some of the documents are more than 6 megs in size - that's a LOT of pages to print.  SwiftView’s exactly what we need.  I plan to deliver many reports to our customers via web access and was very excited with the prospect of using printer formatted pages rather than converting the reports to HTML.”

"SwiftView's going to work well with our PeopleSoft reports. As a professional software developer, you like to see maturity in a product. PeopleSoft is doing some neat new things, but they really ought to provide better support for viewing their SQR output."

“I am a computer specialist with a public utility. We've had PeopleSoft's HR system for over a year, now we're moving all inventory control over to PeopleSoft too, and we're in the process of a version upgrade.  PeopleSoft has recommended that we use SwiftView to display the SQR output of modifications in the Microsoft SQL database tables.  SwiftView provides a better layout for the upgrade changes than the tools that PeopleSoft sent us, which wouldn't read the comparison reports."

“We have PeopleSoft's HRMS package - I downloaded Swiftview on the recommendation of another user to help troubleshoot a problem with an HP print formatted report file - the file wasn't printing properly and I was unable to see whether the problem was in the printing or in the formatting of the document. Swiftview let me verify that the problem was in the formatting."

“I'm a developer of PeopleSoft applications and programs; I'm often writing SQR programs that produce PCL pages.  Your product is very simple and very efficient and allows on-line viewing of pages instead of printing multiple revisions."

“I was looking for something to read PeopleSoft SQR LIS files and found your application.   It works perfectly!  The client needs the ability to view and print only certain pages of the output, and this won't work with PeopleSoft formatted SQR LIS files without heavy modification to the system.  I'll be recommending SwiftView to the other PeopleSoft consultants in my company."

“We're building custom SQR reports inside PeopleSoft, which produce .LIS files that are really PCL files.  Without SwiftView, I don't know how they'd view in Windows or how they'd print just the couple of pages they want instead of having to print the whole thing.  Some of these reports are 200 pages long."

“We’re invoking SwiftView from within PeopleSoft’s Process Monitor instead of WordPad for Collectors to quickly get to customer phone bills on-line that are exactly the same as what the customer sees.  They’re SQR reports and PeopleSoft reformats the bills to look different from the original, and we actually had to print them DURING a customer service call.”

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