SwiftStamp Customer Stories and Testimonials
SwiftStamp is widely used in banking, insurance, manufacturing, printing, government and payroll.

“SwiftStamp is central to our eDelivery system.  What does it cost to send an overnight package these days?   We no longer know.  The bank is saving close to five million dollars a year on the bottom line.  This thing's a goldmine for us.  What do you have to do in business to make five million in clear profit?  Sell a hundred million?  This system is very efficient.”

“My developer is excited.  This is a tool that works really well right away with no overhead - it can't get much better than that.  We'll be enabling our suppliers to come to the site, get into the database, create their own reports and license them for free viewing with SwiftStamp.  This is far better than wasting time converting them from PCL to some other format: reports go out of date and they need the information NOW and they need it FAST.”

David Weekley Homes
quickly established a low-cost system using SwiftStamp file-licensing for distributing electronic house plans that all outside vendors and subcontractors can view for free, eliminating the cost and hassles of paper when DWH communicates with them.

"We needed a method to view and share plans with vendors without having to print them out.  SwiftView saves us time and money and increases our productivity."
- Michael Finocchio, Purchasing Manager, DWH Orlando

“SwiftView is awesome!  We're very impressed.  We've been looking for a solution to this problem for four or five months now.  We use Jetforms on our manufacturing ERP system for all three of the boat companies, and we're tired of printing and faxing invoices, order confirmations and POs.  Conversion to PDF is a pain in the butt.  We'd rather not mess with it.  In fact, WE DID MESS WITH IT: we tried a PDF converter and while converting everything into PDF, it lost all our HPGL!  Generating the reports off our UNIX machine, sending them to the network, eMailing them out with a free copy of SwiftView using SwiftStamp solves all our problems.  It's what we've needed for a long time.”

“We're receiving kudos for your product from all over the city.  We run our PeopleSoft .lis reports through SwiftStamp and shoot them out to five distributed servers so all our people can view them instantly.  This is a composite project for four or five city agencies.  We also generate warrants for paychecks and my auditors would kill me if I even suggested using PDF instead of PCL.”

“My banking client generates secondary loan documents in printfile format.  Sometimes they convert to PDF, sometimes they remain in PCL.  I've demonstrated your SwiftStamp to them and they like it a lot, especially after I told them it's their decision to have their customer download a 1Meg copy of SwiftView or download an 18Meg copy of Acrobat.  They're sold on SwiftView, which as a tiny executable, is great: it sees a file, opens it and prints it.  Simple.”

“Print-to-file has finally solved our problem.  First of all, we intend to distribute our drawings and documents throughout Headquarters and have anyone view them with SwiftView.  As we have more than 20 locations and also intend on sending some of our drawings and documents to customers and branch offices worldwide, one SwiftStamp License will enable us to give SwiftView to everybody.”

“We're pleased that SwiftView can read a zipped PCL file, as some of our users have slow modems.  We really like the simplicity of SwiftStamp.  It works as advertised.  One of our customers has very high overnight shipping costs just to send unexecuted closing forms and this solution saves them a day.  SwiftStamping files and giving the end user a free copy of SwiftView is better, faster and cheaper than the way this industry's doing things right now.”

“PDF would never have worked in our application, for a lot of reasons.  There's no way we could do manual intervention pausing Acrobat to insert specialty papers with microperfs into the throat of the printer.  We need to embed these kinds of escape sequences into the file itself.  PCL works great, and SwiftView works great with it.   SwiftStamp is an integral part of our application, enabling us to give SwiftView away for free.”

“I represent a software team charged with migrating an established legacy system to Windows.  It spools PCL then batch prints by copying the files to LPT1.  We have been investigating SwiftView with regard to distributing it free-of-charge to 100-200 organizations.  Looking at your licensing options, SwiftStamp seems the most appropriate.   While we have found other considerably cheaper products that would serve our purposes, SwiftView appears to provide substantial functional robustness.”

“We're using the SwiftStamp software from within VB for our virtual printroom and it works wonderfully.”

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