SwiftView for Software/Systems Integrators

Systems integrators, web service providers and corporate IT professionals integrate SwiftView to enhance their systems' ability to manage print formats PCL and HPGL, and bit-map formats TIFF and JPEG.  Some of their key SwiftView applications:

  • Viewing: SwiftView's precise rendering assures that PCL/HPGL are as clean and accurate online as the printed originals.
  • Testing: Companies that need to validate print files and print systems rely on SwiftView as a reliable reference PCL rendering engine.
  • Print Management: SwiftView tools facilitate selective reprinting, remote printing, quick page extraction, print job splitting, and more, supporting output management system applications.
  • Index and search: SwiftView helps users quickly locate and index information in print files of any size.

SwiftView is a valuable component for:
Viewing, reprinting Altec integrated the SwiftView viewer into its Doc-link® product in the 1990s and also uses the SwiftView PageExtractor to help process PCL files.  Altec also uses the viewer to provide configuration support within configuration screens.
Photos & Records Evans & Ricker's Lock & Track corrections management system uses SwiftView to link color photos with archived prisoner records.  The high-security, automated management system can only be accessed by authorized users.
Access to invoices GTE National Fleet Operations uses SwiftView to give remote managers and supervisors access to invoices quickly and conveniently from a centralized database.  Scanned invoices speed bill payment operations for a nationwide fleet of 20,000 vehicles.
PCL/HPGL viewing More than 35 Hewlett-Packard divisions worldwide have adopted SwiftView as the common HPGL/PCL/TIFF viewer in the corporate Product Design Management System.  The move to SwiftView upgraded HP from the microfiche format.
View, search, extract NearStar bundled SwiftView technology with its DataServer output management system to provide easy PCL viewing, text search, page extraction, and quick splitting and requeuing of large print jobs.
Access to forms Reynolds & Reynolds created a customized imaging system that gives 3,000 auto dealers on-line control and access to numerous forms generated by existing R&R systems.
Previewing Standard Register integrated SwiftView into its LinkUp® intelligent printing solutions, which merge existing data with electronic forms.   SwiftView speeds error correction, increases printing efficiency and reduces paper and toner waste.
Web document access A linked article in Real Times tells about Stewart Information's E-commerce network RealEC, designed to order and deliver real estate information services with an Internet- based document repository to provide on-line access to documents related to real estate transactions.

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