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Oxford Health Plans is a rapidly growing insurance company in the Northeastern US.  The business entails managing a high volume of documents from claims and correspondence to regulatory documentation and claims checks, an average of nearly 100,000 a day and over 60 million per year.  Oxford recognized the importance of making all of these documents available online for quick access by its many offices in the US and in Ireland.  The company sought a system with flexibility and scalability, and viewer and server that were fast and simple for the end user.

According to Lawrence McCartney, Application Development Manager, Oxford scans every document into internally developed Oracle SQL*Forms applications, image enabled with SwiftView.   Just to process that many documents keeps two high-speed Kodak scanners busy as much as 2 shifts per day.  SwiftView is Oxford Health Plans' only image viewing program and was originally used on over 35 IBM RS/6000 AIX systems, with 1500 to 2500 NCD X terminal users.  SwiftView supports NCD resident image decompression and scaling extensions (which contain SwiftView licensed technology), enabling large numbers of terminals to be supported by each RS/6000.  Oxford recently moved to networked PCs and had no problems transitioning SwiftView.

Oxford Health Plans saw noticeable results from the result of implementing online document access with SwiftView, including:

  • Better customer service.  JD Powers ranks Oxford Health Plans' Customer Service #1, McCartney says, because of the service representatives' quick and complete access to documents (online with SwiftView) when answering questions on the phone.

  • Workflow enhancements in processing claims because of paperwork reduction.

  • Faster accessibility for the analysis and research of claims issues, statistics gathering for regulatory compliance, and also during the adjudication process.

  • Administrative savings such as reduced paper use, lower copying and shipping costs, etc.

Since the initial installation, Oxford has made ongoing technology improvements using SwiftView, with great results.   "We were able to re-allocate applications servers for better use when we moved to the PC version, because it drastically cut the number of applications servers we needed," says McCartney. "This more distributed system yielded faster response times, and in some processes, for example, indexing, many-fold improvements."

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