Evans & Ricker Customer Profile
Color photo capture, viewing and report writing

Evans & Ricker, Inc. specializes in corrections management systems and Evans & Ricker's Lock & Track Corrections Information System manages all aspects of the jail/corrections environment.  SwiftView provides closely integrated display of JPEG photos of prisoners and generates complex reports that include those photos. Lock & Track manages jails in several Oregon and Washington counties as well as the entire City of Phildelphia prison system.  Lock & Track is a DEC Alpha VMS-based solution.

Evans & Ricker recently installed its first site using the SwiftCam photo capture product and expects this to be a typical Lock & Track option.  SwiftCam enables Lock & Track to capture, store and manage front and profile prisoner photos, making them accessible for later viewing and report printing.   Evans & Ricker's first customer has replaced a proprietary photo capture system with this open solution.   Photos captured with the old proprietary system could not be accessed by outside systems, could not be placed on-line for general use and were in a proprietary data format.  The new Lock & Track plus SwiftCam solution fully integrates the jail management system with photo capture, saves photos in industry standard JPEG formats, stores them in standard VMS system files, and makes the photos available on workstations throughout the jail facility and to other law enforcement partners.

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