SwiftView Solutions for Output and Print Management

SwiftView tools are ideally suited for integration into output management and print management systems.   Enhanced features and performance enables simple and fast document delivery and management.  Here are SwiftView's key advantages for Print Management and Print Services:

  • Accurate print preview
  • Intelligent printing optimized for any printer
  • Selective reprint of any page range to any printer
  • Remote printing for users on-the-go
  • Print job splitting - Split large print jobs across multiple printers (load balancing) for greater efficiency
  • Inherent simplicity and power of PCL-based forms for billing and direct mail.
  • Variable Data Printing support for direct mail processing.

Who's Using SwiftView for Print/Output Management?
Preview, fast print Standard Register integrated SwiftView into its LinkUp® intelligent printing solutions, which merge existing data with electronic forms.  SwiftView speeds error correction, increases printing efficiency and reduces paper and toner waste.
View, search, extract NearStar bundled SwiftView technology with its DataServer output management system to provide easy PCL viewing, text search tools, page extraction, and quick splitting and requeuing of large print jobs.
Remote printing Pipeline Supplies uses SwiftView to remotely print important materials test reports at field offices all over Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.  These reports are constantly updated and need to be available in high quality hard copy at any remote site.
Customer Quotes

“The performance of SwiftView across the broad range of print pieces on which our user base has tried it has been nothing short of outstanding, and we couldn't be happier with your product.
Wayne Leggett
Senior Systems Engineer
Jet Products' Logo

“We get large reports out of Sybase and rather than send them to the printer for an hour, we’re printing-to-file and previewing them, maybe selecting specific pages to print, controlling the document from the backend with SwiftView. I tried a couple of other apps available as trial downloads and yours worked the best.”

“SwiftView’s exactly what we need to view audit documents in case we decide not to print them.  Some of the documents are more than 6 megs in size - that's a LOT of pages to print.  With SwiftView, I can deliver many reports to our customers via web access, using printer formatted pages rather than converting the reports to HTML.”

“A prospective client brought in a disk with two PCL reports of a few hundred pages each.  I imported them without a hitch and printed them through our PPD.  For situations involving attended on-demand printing of PCL files from the desktop, I definitely like your product.”

“I've used Swiftview to help troubleshoot a problem with an HP print formatted report file - the file wasn't printing properly and I was unable to see whether the problem was in the printing or in the formatting of the document.  Swiftview let me verify that the problem was in the formatting.”

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