Major Payroll Service Customer Profile
A major payroll service company uses SwiftView to let customers view and print their own payroll reports.  Customers love the quick web delivery and 24-hour access, and the payroll service saves on printing and mailing costs.

The Company
This company is a leading national provider of payroll, human resource and benefits services for small- to medium-sized businesses with more than 100 locations around the country serving hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide.  The company's revenues exceed the billion-dollar mark.

The Challenge
In response to customer demand, the company decided to give customers the option of an online version of its payroll reports.   They realized that the cost of developing the system would be offset by the reduced cost of printing reports.  The only question was how to do it.  "We reviewed other options but determined that PCL was more compact and easier to generate in our process," said a developer at the company.  "Because we use PCL to print reports in our normal process, it made sense for us to use a viewer compatible with PCL."  At first, the company wrote its own custom viewer for internal use, but this viewer did not work on Windows, widely used by customers.

About The Company's Electronic Report Services
The company offers its payroll clients the option to view and print their own payroll reports, plus some quarterly, annual and miscellaneous reports, on a personal computer.  Clients can also provide this service to their accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor.  Email notification lets them know when their reports are available.

The payroll call schedules remains the same and live checks are still printed and delivered in the usual manner; however, if the client chooses this delivery method, paper payroll reports are no longer included in the payroll package.  Instead, the reports are delivered electronically to the business' Internet account, along with the earnings statements, or "pay stubs," of employees on direct deposit.

The Solution
The company discovered SwiftView in 1998 and soon both the company and customers were using SwiftView to view payroll-related reports.   SwiftView's fast rendering, ease of use, and technology that made a sophisticated integration quickly put to rest any question about the custom viewer.  The process by which documents are made available on the Web site is simple: the company generates the PCL document dynamically from within a database.  The document is downloaded with an embedded SwiftStamp file license for free viewing with the SwiftView viewer.  The developer explains that "customers download SwiftView from within our application, and we stamp report files as they are generated for download."  With the upgrade to SwiftView Pro, customers can now also easily convert their PCL reports to PDF whenever they want.

The company has thousands of internal users and tens of thousands of external Web users of SwiftView.  Using SwiftView in its online report system saves the company a great deal of time and expense by not having to print and mail reports, while delivering reports to customers more quickly.  Clients appreciate being able to access the reports on their own schedule - 24/7 - and then store them electronically for future reference.  In addition, the electronic format makes it easier and quicker for customers who want to share reports with their accountants, bookkeepers or financial advisors.   "The biggest advantage is the fact that we can view reports in the same format as we would normally print them," says the company. "Reports display exactly the same online as they do on paper."

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