NearStar Customer Profile
NearStar bundled SwiftView technology with its DataServer output management system to provide easy PCL viewing, text search tools, page extraction, and quick splitting and requeuing of large print jobs.

The Company
NearStar provides printing solutions and consulting services to medium and large organizations that need to manage large volumes of print data.  NearStar provides advanced software products and solutions to facilitate and streamline print operations, helping companies to maximize their investment in printing systems.   NearStar's principal product, DataServer, provides advanced job and printer management that scales across the entire enterprise.  DataServer was developed to address a strong customer need for a sophisticated print management system that could interoperate with products from major print vendors.

The Challenge
NearStar needed to find a way to help customers quickly reprint specific pages from massive print files, as opposed to reprinting the whole document.  "When you look at a company printing a large check run, sometimes part of it can get damaged for various reasons," says Jason Waggoner, President of NearStar.  "Our customer didn't want to have to reprint thousands of pages, but just the page, or range of pages that were damaged."  Since PCL is one of the primary print formats, they looked at PCL technologies.

The Solution
In 2002, NearStar began to integrate SwiftView as a standard option within DataServer, first to provide easy PCL viewing, but also to provide text search tools for extracting pages in order to re-queue a print job or pages through the server.   Using SwiftView, customers can now search text by filling in a field on a form; SwiftView's text search locates the pages, then NearStar's DataServer pulls the pages for re-spooling as a new print job.  NearStar's customers have been very pleased with the results.  "SwiftView has a great product that is easy to use," says Chris Parker, Director of Sales for NearStar.   "The cost and ease of use was important to us because we did not want to price ourselves out of opportunities, or turn customers off because the product was too hard to install/use and integrate.  SwiftView provides a robust PCL viewing product at a very reasonable cost."

NearStar also called on SwiftView when designing a custom solution for a high-profile insurance company.  SwiftView's enterprise product PageExtractor provided them with a more powerful batch page extraction capability.  The company had a short timeframe to print and mail paychecks, which was nearly impossible with its one secure printer.  The company installed another secure printer and split the print job with SwiftView's PageExtractor.  They were able to print twice as fast, easing time constraints and surpassing their strict deadline.

SwiftView helps NearStar in its mission to empower customers to take control of printed output and save considerably on print operating costs.  "Our customers really like the ability to preview their work before printing," says Parker.   "They can make sure the document is exactly what they want to send, so no paper or printer time is wasted.  Because there is virtually no learning curve, the software is very easy to use, which is important."

"In addition, the ability to view the document and reprint a page, or range of pages helps our customers because they no longer have to reprint the entire document.  This saves time and money because a document can be thousands of pages.  Paper and printer time is no longer wasted since they can reprint specific pages.  Also, depending on the paper stock (i.e., checks vs. regular paper) there can be much greater savings."

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