SwiftView Solutions for Banks and Mortgage Companies

In the 1990s, several large banks selected SwiftView as the PCL viewer in their proprietary document delivery systems, recognizing PCL as the ideal format for electronic financial documents.  Today, the SwiftView Viewer and PCL are the de-facto standard for document delivery in mortgage banking. 

SwiftView learned from these banks and developed SwiftSend, a secure web-based document delivery service built on the strength of SwiftView tools.  SwiftSend made the service accessible to banks and mortgage companies of all sizes, with little or no IT involvement. 

SwiftSend and the SwiftView viewer are now a key part of the eLynx document communications service, providing the largest document communications network in the financial services industry.  Banks and Mortgage Companies use eLynx to capture and maintain data electronically throughout the document life cycle, automating paper-intensive processes, improving workflow, reducing costs and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.  eLynx serves over 600 financial institutions including 17 of the top 20 mortgage lenders and over 100 insurance carriers in the United States.  eLynx now enables more than two-thirds of the nation's mortgage closings.  To read more about eLynx Solutions, visit eLynx eBusiness Framework.

SwiftView Tools Speed Mortgage and Real Estate Transactions

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A linked article in Real Times tells about Stewart Information's E-commerce network RealEC, designed to order and deliver real estate information services with an Internet- based document repository to provide on-line access to the documents related to real estate transactions.

Mortgage and Real Estate Customer Quotes

“We're giving our customers in 38 states better access to their deeds and financials, all in PCL format, right off our website.  We won't have to mail or fax anything anymore.   SwiftView is blindingly fast.”

“SwiftView rendered a 28 Meg Connecticut zoning map without any problem!”

"We were considering posting our documents to the website in PDF, but after checking out what Stewart was up to, we looked at PCL instead.  Our title commitments have to maintain accuracy.  These forms must be ABSOLUTELY accurate.  Since all the information starts out as PCL printfiles anyway, we were wondering, 'Why bother taking the risk of converting them into another file format?' And since SwiftView can also read plat maps and TIFF files, that's a big boost."

“The very reason our real estate documents appear in PCL is because there's no possiblity of making a mistake.”

"We post mortgage documents to our site and format is critical to us. The pagebreaks, margins and boxes can't move around and the signature's GOT to be where it's supposed to be. We're committed to PCL and we're committed to SwiftView, which reads zipped PCL just great. Our 2 Meg closing sets shrink down to 700K, which is important considering we have to support end users who are running 14.4 modems, 386s…who knows what."

"We were converting PCLs into TIFFs but we don't have to now that we found SwiftView."

"We're pleased that SwiftView can read a zipped file, as some of our users have 28K modems. And we really like the simple command line syntax of SwiftStamp, it works as advertised. One of our customers has VERY high overnight shipping costs just to send unexecuted closing forms and this solution saves them a day. SwiftStamping files and giving the end user a free copy of SwiftView is much better, faster and cheaper than the way this industry's doing things right now."

"We're using the SwiftView Plug-in to view and print mortgage loan applications off our secure website. A loan file associated with its closing documents is called internally then posted to the site with a new document name, passworded into a file folder for a specific lending agent who can manage all his documents in that location. This system is going to save us $300K a year."

"I've never seen a product that could view PCL files with the ease of SwiftView.  Now we can post flood, tax, credit, title, escrow - all kinds of mortgage documents in 100% original printstream and we won't have to change the way we do things by selling our customers on [Adobe's] process just to support their so-called 'free' viewer."

"Our WebConnect product generates PCL loan documents for access by our dealers over the web with the SwiftView Plug-in."

"My banking client generates secondary loan documents in printfile format.  Sometimes they convert to PDF, sometimes they remain in PCL.  I've demonstrated your SwiftStamp to them and they like it a lot, especially after I told them it's their decision to have their customer download a 1MB copy of SwiftView or download an 18MB copy of Acrobat.  They're sold on SwiftView, which as a tiny executable, is great: it sees a file, opens it and prints it. Simple."

"We prefer PCL for our mortgage documents, it has everything you need for formatting and it's very compact. SwiftView's a perfect fit."

“When I first got here I noticed we were printing out lots of mortgage reports, looking at the small change and throwing away eighty pages. I said, 'Guys, there's got to be a better way.' ”

“We wholesale mortgages. Flatfiles are eMailed to agents who do their business then send back the whole set of documents for closing the deal in PCL format, always upwards of 60 pages each. We’re delighted we can now view the documents before printing, this is going to be a big time-saver for us, not having to print every page of every document. It's a cost-effective and attractive solution. In fact, it's chump change: we spend the amount of your LAN license fee every day just on photocopying alone.”

“We send files to 3,000 Title companies and 500 lenders and mortgage preparers. PCL is universal: you can send it anywhere to print out on anyone's laser printer and you don’t need any other applications to do it.”

“The business issue that we had to resolve was how to enable our mortgage processors and closers to preview a PCL file created out of a mortgage origination package (an old DOS legacy app) prior to sending it (or allowing a Title company or one of our branches to pick it up) to be printed at a remote location, rather than printing out a copy here first to review all of the documents.  SwiftView will work very well in that regard.”

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