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SwiftView Simplifies Online Access to Saskatchewan Land Ownership Records

Portland, OR, and Regina, SK, Canada -- May 28, 2002 -- SwiftView, Inc. has been selected as the viewing technology provider for online land titles records in the Province of Saskatchewan. The government owned Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan (ISC) is currently converting 116 years of paper files into electronic images. ISC has developed the LAND System (Land Titles Automated Network Delivery System), leading edge technology that ushers in a new era for land information in the western Canadian province. In addition to automating about 50 million pieces of paper, including survey and land ownership records, LAND links into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide a detailed geographic description of every piece of property in the province. By integrating SwiftView's viewing technology into the system, customers are able to access images such as survey plans, original Crown grants and mortgages through the Internet.

"The LAND System streamlines the process for accessing information about any property in Saskatchewan," says Adrian Legin, Chief Information Officer for ISC. "For instance, under the old paper-based system, a surveyor had to request a printed copy from the land title office where the information was held. Depending upon circumstances, it could take that office from one day to several weeks to turnaround the information. Now, that same surveyor can go online, find a plan and view it on-screen instantly or have an electronic copy e-mailed to them in a matter of minutes. SwiftView's technology means our customers have an efficient and easy-to-use method for viewing those documents.

"We chose SwiftView because we needed to view and print a wide variety of detailed documents and drawings, survey plans, GIS images and land titles records," says Legin. "SwiftView has excellent rendering merits, it's easy to use and the SwiftView viewer has a self-installing plug-in for IE and Netscape browsers that requires only one mouse click to download. The simple user interface makes it easy to move through documents, zoom or pan if required, and to print. Equally important to ISC is the flexibility of SwiftView licenses. ISC chose SwiftStamp, which licenses every document that we distribute via the web, email or other means at no cost to customers. SwiftStamp also verifies that the document is authentic."

With the implementation of LAND, ISC has created a platform that establishes Saskatchewan as a leader in land information systems for the 21st century. Implementation of the Land System began in May 2001. The system is operating in Moose Jaw, Regina, Humboldt and Saskatoon areas. LAND is scheduled to be operational across the province by late 2002.

About ISC

The Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan (ISC) is a Saskatchewan based Crown corporation, a government-owned entity, established on January 1, 2000 to integrate Saskatchewan's land survey and land titles systems and registries. The corporation's mandate also includes facilitating the provision of other on-line services, and expanding its product line and client base through use of the technology developed during the automation and integration of the land systems.

ISC's head office is located at the Research Park in Regina, Saskatchewan. For more information visit:

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