SwiftView Speeds Access to Records, Prevents Printing Errors, and more

Many insurance companies face challenges managing access to documents, print workflow, archiving, or maintaining paperless office protocols.  SwiftView products can help you:

  • Give CSRs quick access to documents, whether TIFF images or PCL print files
  • Quickly reprint a few pages from an enormous PCL file
  • Preview before printing to save paper, avoid errors, or preserve patient confidentiality
  • Accurately convert formats when importing files to an archive, document, or content management system
  • Quickly convert to PDF or PNG for customer-facing electronic document presentation

SwiftView Insurance Customers

These and many other companies have integrated SwiftView into their insurance systems . . .
  • Oxford Health Plans  Oracle-based workflow imaging makes all of their documents available online for quick access by its many offices in the US and in Ireland.

  • Major Health Insurance Company uses SwiftView and SwiftExtract to present online statements to medical providers, and to reprint parts of giant print runs.

  • IT and Business Process Services Company  automated its insurance client's mailings with tools and technical assistance from SwiftView.  They now extract files, create cover pages, insert barcodes, sort by document type, and print with optimal efficiency.

  • Insurance Software Provider  integrated SwiftView to give its customers the ability to view its system's documents online, which helped improve workflow processes and reduce paper waste and errors.  

Hear what a few of SwiftView's insurance customers have to say:

"The insurance business is imaging everything now and sharing it over great distances. PDF can't directly print and I don't care to process my documents twice.   Our insurance forms, apps and policies have to be exact.  If not, they're out of compliance with the States we do business in.  PCL is straight printable and it's always the same.  Which is why we need SwiftView: previewing and printing our PCL."

"I work in an insurance software company where we generate forms in various print stream formats, one of which is PCL.  With the volume of print we produce in the testing phase, we started looking for some kind of PCL viewer so that we could check individual pages out of a large PCL file.  My idea is that we can greatly save on paper, toner, printer wear and tear and time.   Sometimes we get behind seven hours on printing.  My Department's less of a printer hog now that SwiftView can preview on-line and print one page from a multi-thousand page report if that's all we need.  Some of our clients print six thousand pages on a daily basis."

"We do the back-end processing for insurance statement mailings.  We have an application that uses a Word template, fills in certain fields, then outputs a file as if Word had printed it.  We use HP Laserjet printers, so these files come out in PCL.  We can't read them with an ordinary text editor or from Word.  Normally we don't need to “view” them - just print them, but lately we've been doing historical/archival work, and instead of printing old files to see what was in them, we needed something to view them before we chose to print them or not.  SwiftView is nice and simple - oh yeah, and it actually works!"

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