Indexing, Modifying, and Extracting Pages from a PCL Print/Report file

SwiftConvert and SwiftExtract are powerful tools for preparing PCL print files for final production printing, e.g. for direct mail insertion, or locating and extracting a single report from a large PCL report/billing print run. 

SwiftConvert can index a large PCL print file, add logos, barcodes, and other visible elements using JPEG or tiff files in SwiftView markup, and perform the final production printing.  Or, after indexing with SwiftConvert, SwiftExtract can extract only the desired pages, retaining the original compact PCL data.

This example demonstrates how you can find a desired page and add markup to it.  Here we use a relatively small 11-page PCL file that contains multiple invoices.  But these same methods can easily be applied to files with hundersds of thousands of pages. 

Note: To follow this example you will need to first install the SwiftConvert+SwiftViewPro Evaluation.

We need to add our company logo to the first page of each invoice, before it is sent to the printer.  This is difficult because the invoices vary in length, thus the first step is to figure out what pages are the "first" pages of each individual invoice.

This example consists of three separate parts.  The first part, Indexing, shows how to index the document, and identify the first page of each invoice.  The second, Markup, shows how ICS commands can be used to add image files.  The final part, Print, shows how to send this marked-up file to a printer.

Disclaimer: This example is intended as a theoretical walkthrough.  It gives a general outline of how to use SwiftView ICS commands to achieve different goals, but not how to incorporate them into a single automated application.  All interaction with SwiftConvert in these examples is done through the MSDOS command prompt for simplicity.  It is assumed that the evaluator will have the programming capabilities to incorporate these functions into their own application.

Part I: Indexing
Part II: Markup
Part III: Print

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