SwiftView Solutions for Scanning and Imaging
Fast, production-quality image display, conversion, and print

SwiftView is an industrial-strength TIFF viewer, ideal for use in high-volume scanning, image processing, and archiving systems.  The typical "free" tiff viewer bundled with scanners may be fine for personal or casual use, but will frustrate business users who daily work with hundreds of images.  SwiftView's high performance, precise rendering, ease of use, and ease of integration will slash your support costs and increase productivity.  This is why many developers of commercial and corporate imaging systems deliver their images to their end users with SwiftView.

SwiftView's strengths include:
  • Very Fast Display - No waiting, even on older computers and huge files.
  • Ease of Use - SwiftView's simple, elegant user interface minimizes user training and prevents user errors. 
  • Ease of Integration & Automation - SwiftView's simple text API makes it easy to integrate quality viewing into your imaging system and streamline your workflow processes.  SwiftConvert provides fast conversion of TIFF to PDF and other formats.
  • High Performance Printing - SwiftView is a fast, high-quality manual and batch print uility.  Our "Intelligent Printing" insures the fastest, most accurate printing possible.
  • Wide platform support - SwiftView is available on Windows and most Unix systems.
  • Many more imaging-specific features.

SwiftView Customers: Scanning and Imaging

SwiftView has been supplying high-performance Imaging and TIFF tools since 1990.  Our tools are integrated into imaging systems in major corporations, as well as many well-known commercial imaging systems.
Health insurance documents Oxford Health Plans captures, creates and distributes all documents electronically to over 2,500 employee desktops connected via a multistate wide-area network (WAN).  Customer Service Reps and others view everything with SwiftView, which provides fast, accurate viewing without creating significant server load.
Auto dealers' forms Reynolds & Reynolds created a customized imaging system that gives 3,000 auto dealers on-line control and access to numerous TIFF forms generated by existing R&R systems.
Centralized AP system GTE National Fleet Operations uses SwiftView to give remote managers and supervisors access to scanned invoices quickly and conveniently from a centralized database.  Scanned invoices speed bill payment operations for a nationwide fleet of 20,000 vehicles.

Customer Quotes

“Time testing?  On some 1.5 meg TIFF files, it took the Wang viewer three minutes.  It took SwiftView three SECONDS. Not to mention if you want to scroll or zoom, the Image 95 viewer takes another full minute, where with SwiftView we were flipping through pages, zooming in and out.  SwiftView's open, it's easy and it'll save us a lot of money.”

“Kodak Imaging takes a long time just to open a TIFF file - SwiftView is a hundred times faster.”

“SwiftView handles our TIFF drawings better than the other ones we looked at.  Microsoft's TIFF viewer is terrible and Imagenation, who bought the Kodak Imaging viewer, want $350 a copy.”

“We needed crisper viewing of our sales documentation archived as TIFFs than the Quick View Plus viewer that comes with Stellent's Content Repository.  We really like SwiftView's speed and accurate view.”

“SwiftView is a great product for viewing archived files produced by our applications.  I'm a designer of enterprise GIS systems where we have a need to view TIFF and other images.”

More Quotes

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