Engineering Drawing Management with SwiftView
Distribute and archive accurate, viewable drawings using HPGL and PDF
If you struggle to distribute, share, review, and archive engineering drawings, architectural plans, blueprints, GIS, or maps, SwiftView Tools can help.  SwiftView makes it easy to:
  • preview before plotting - even the most complex, high-resolution vector drawing looks on-screen exactly as it will plot
  • display drawings on the shop floor - without the cost of a CAD seat license
  • share CAD drawings online or via email
  • convert to PDF for distribution to users outside your organization
  • archive HPGL or TIFF drawings and maintain long-term repositories
Why HPGL? HPGL lets you move away from paper and microfilm without the per-seat cost and complexity of proprietary CAD formats.  HPGL files are REAL drawings as actually plotted, not conversions to a non-scalable, non-printable format like PDF.  They are always accurate and can be universally viewed and plotted/printed without deploying expensive CAD software.  SwiftView displays HPGL drawings on Windows or Unix and prints them on any printer or plotter.  SwiftView Pro or SwiftConvert enables you to export drawings as PDF that preserves the accuracy of the drawing. 

What about PDF?  PDF is very popular way to send a document to a vendor or get a customer's approval, but how you create the PDF matters.  Many customers tell us that drawings contain a great deal of information that can be lost in PDF conversion, and that the "distillation" process used by their CAD packages to output PDF produces poor quality files.  SwiftView's PDF output is NOT a conversion, but an accurate raster image export.   This limits the PDF resolution, but insures a faithful rendering, identical to what SwiftView displays and prints.  No post-conversion quality checking is required!

PDF and Acrobat were never designed for viewing and printing high-resolution, large format engineering drawings (e.g., E size) so you must always be aware of their limitations and the possibilty of errors in your drawings.  SwiftView allows you to select an area of a drawing before exporting, which not only assures best PDF accuracy and smaller file sizes, but also helps you maintain control over potentially sensitive or confidential information in the drawing.

"We ran side-by-side blind tests of PDFs coming out of SwiftConvert and CATIA.  We'd shuffle them up and it was obvious which ones came out of SwiftConvert because they were cleaner."
Look at what other SwiftView customers have to say - how SwiftView saved their hides.

HPGL and SwiftView work with YOUR CAD system: Every CAD/CAM or drawing program that outputs to a plotter can create HPGL.  This includes (but is not limited to): AutoCAD, ArcView, CATIA, CorelDraw, MicroStation, Pro-E, Smallworld, Unigraphics, etc.

SwiftView is widely used in YOUR industry: SwiftView is the choice of designers and manufacturers, architects and engineers in AEC, Aerospace, Automotive, Product Design, Electronics/Semiconductor, etc.

New! SwiftView Pro.  Lets you export drawings or selections manually to PDF, TIFF, PNG or other formats.  With SwiftView Pro, you can quickly create PDF on demand whenever anyone needs it.

SwiftConvert.  Quickly and easily transform all or selected parts of drawings to PDF, TIFF, PNG or other formats. SwiftConvert makes it easy to automatically put information on a website or repository or in email for public distribution.  

CAD Managers Choose SwiftView for:


  • Access:  for one LAN, WAN, Web or intranet licensing fee you can give all your shop floor workers online access to CAD drawings or put HPGL drawing libraries on an intranet so anyone - from sales to manufacturing to support - can quickly access them.  You can even set up a Virtual Blueprint Room to give vendors access to drawings.  You and your vendors won't need any CAD system licenses, so you'll all save money and won't have to change how you work or train users.  
    CASE STUDY: An article in The Business Journal tells how the City of Tigard uses SwiftView to puts all its engineering drawings and GIS output online to give the public easy access.

  • Distribution: HPGL and PDF are ideal for letting suppliers and subcontractors view 100% accurate engineering drawings because these formats eliminate issues of dissimilar CAD-CAM systems without converting or risking innacuracies.  Even redline collaboration is easy with HPGL in SwiftView markup.  No need for expensive CAD licenses -- SwiftView are free for anyone to use with the low-cost SwiftStamp license.  Distribute drawings to customers and subcontractors on CD/DVD (with a SwiftView viewer included) or via ftp or email.  Learn more about the different approaches to document distribution with SwiftView Tools.

    CASE STUDY: David Weekley Homes quickly established a system for distributing electronic house plans to outside vendors and subcontractors using SwiftView.

  • Conversion/Export: Provide drawings in the format your customers or vendors ask for.  Work with drawing selections instead of the unwieldy (or confidential) entire drawing. Use SwiftConvert (batch, automated) or SwiftView Pro (manually) to quickly, easily transform all or selected parts of drawings to PDF, TIFF, PNG or other formats.

  • Archiving/Storage: Archiving HPGL makes sense - it's compact, fast to render, searchable, easy to create, and portable.   Many companies standardize on HPGL for their CAD databases, drawing repositories, release libraries, records departments, etc.  Move away from bulky paper and microfilm with the ubiquitous HPGL format.

    CASE STUDY: Novatec saves time and money by keeping all of its drawings in one common HPGL drawing repository with SwiftView.
  • A viewer designed for drawings: Quickly and easily view complex, high-resolution drawings from any CAD system.  Instantly zoom and rotate with one click, selectively print, extract text.  These are just a few of the functions Acrobat will never provide!

  • Accurately preview drawings before plotting: Save time, paper, errors, and frustration!  Know you got the drawing you wanted and see exactly what will plot or print.

  • Test/Verification: When someone is having trouble printing a drawing, SwiftView can validate the printed output and help you quickly determine what's going on.

  • Handling "old" drawings or old machine output: When the only plotter that your machine can print to is gone, what do you do?  Output to HPGL and view and print with SwiftView on any kind of printer!  Or convert to PDF or TIFF with SwiftConvert.
Features of SwiftView and HPGL: 
  • Save Money - no expensive user licenses; enhances productivity.
  • Easy to use - 10 buttons do everything you need - FAST!
  • Fast - even huge plotfiles render and view quickly with SwiftView.  SwiftView is often faster than proprietary systems displaying their own CAD format!  Plus, you don't need an expensive CAD license to view or print HPGL drawings.
  • Selectively print - simply select an area of a drawing to print.  (Acrobat CAN'T print a selected area.)
  • Selectively convert - select (or zoom in on) an area of a drawing and convert it to PDF, TIFF, etc., with SwiftConvert (batch, automated) or SwiftView Pro (manual).
  • Scale - Instantly zoom drawings up or down to view or print exactly the area you want.
  • Rotate image - Flip drawings over or on their sides by rotating.
  • Index and Extract Text
  • Read Zipped HPGL SwiftView views zipped files directly to reduce bandwidth use.  Zipped HPGL is often smaller than the original file.
  • Works right every time: other viewers and formats are slower, view incorrectly, and sometimes don't view at all!

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