SwiftConvert Testimonials
SwiftConvert has received wide praise from its users.  Have you tried SwiftConvert yet?

“My staff tested all of the PCL-to-PDF converters we could find and we are most pleased with SwiftConvert's output.”

“We are using SwiftConvert to optimize PCL in order to support discrete document printing within our software solution.  The problem we face is how to continuously drive a duplex printer and avoid printer resets with each new document.  Answer? SwiftConvert optimizes sets of PCL documents into one print job while retaining paper tray and duplexing commands.”

“We have ten years' of HPGLs in our PDM and occasionally customers will request some drawings.  We tested a lot of file converters and SwiftConvert is by far the fastest and most accurate.”

“We used to spend 15 times the cost of SwiftConvert on paper. SwiftConvert's output is better than Adobe Distiller.

What makes SwiftConvert so accurate?

SwiftConvert's "true print-quality" rendering makes documents that look just like the originals.   This rendering technology is the same as in SwiftView, the most accurate PCL/HPGL viewer available, and is the result of over ten years of refinement and use in thousands of applications by millions of users worldwide.

To preserve document accuracy, SwiftConvert always outputs a complete raster image for each page.  Some converters attempt to output 'vector' data, i.e., discrete graphic entities.  While in many cases this may result in a smaller file, it can cause inaccuracies because no two graphic languages ever implement exactly the same rendering model.

“SwiftConvert works wonderfully saving my HPGLs as PDFs.  We receive drawings from truck manufacturers that we have to quote on, and I need a file format that can be viewed and printed without any problems.  SwiftConvert was more straightforward than the other converter we tested.”

“Your system is quite impressive and is exactly what we need.”

“We develop applications for small insurance companies.  Besides the general accounting and claims functions, we have also written an application that assembles and prints insurance policies.  You can imagine that it's all PCL-driven.  We receive requests for the ability to produce a PDF from our policy application.  In the past we've had varied success in our attempts to do this with other companies' conversion products and we were attracted by your software that views PCL files.  We were further impressed by your conversion software.  We've installed the trial version at a few customer sites and are evaluating its functionality.  So far we're fairly excited about the prospects.”

“One of your competitors' pcl to pdf converter doesn't always view correctly, like white text on a black background for instance.  SwiftView consistently does a better job of viewing, and their product doesn't convert to TIFF: our customers may want to eMail a PDF or fax a TIFF.  SwiftConvert's output looks far better than the other converters we've tested.”

“I was so impressed with the product I'm putting in a request for our company to buy the full suite of SwiftConvert apps.  Thanks.”

“We have an old UNIX app that'll be replaced in a year.  It's old school text hard-coded with some graphics in PCL for print routines.  Right now we're printing, then scanning these documents into PDFs which then get faxed.  It's extremely inefficient.  We'd like to fax without the intermediate process or just eMail PDFs directly.  I googled 'PCL to PDF' and SwiftConvert had lots of hits.  I tried a copy and it's awesome.  The output is clean and it's very easy to use.”

“I'm really impressed with SwiftConvert.  The results are excellent.  I can hardly tell the difference between the reports printed from the original PCL file and the PDF output from SwiftConvert!  We tested several PCL-to-PDF conversion programs and SwiftConvert is the best - it's the only one that does a satisfactory job.” I also appreciate the prompt and helpful tech support you guys provide.”

“My client LOVED SwiftConvert.  Your product will save them a LOT of money. It installed easily and had good support when they did have a glitch (which I think was due to their machine, not your product).  I evaluated several products in your class and yours seems to be the best.”

“We were printing, then scanning into PDFs, which then get faxed.  It's extremely inefficient!  In order to fax without this intermediate process or just email PDFs directly, I tried a copy of SwiftConvert and it's awesome -- the output is clean and it's very easy to use.

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