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Quotes from Organizations that Love SwiftView

NearStar Logo "SwiftView has a great product that is easy to use and provides robust PCL viewing, all at a very reasonable cost."  
Chris Parker, Director of Sales, NearStar, Inc.

Altec Logo "SwiftView has the most complete and reliable functionality for dealing with PCL files at an application programming interface level.  Coupled with the best commitment to continued product support and enhancement, SwiftView was our clear choice over the other PCL tool vendors."   
Mark Wood, Director of Software Development, MCSD, Altec Corporation

"I showed (my customer) the SwiftView viewer last week, and now he is ready to order the LAN license for the plug-in version for this site to support his web based projects that tie in to the imaging system I am working on.   I showed him how to set up the file names so he could use the page buttons to step through multi-page documents, and he is very pleased with it. You folks have a great product ;-)"  
Denny Fox, President, Micro Time Inc.

Go to Jet Letter home page "The performance of SwiftView across the broad range of print pieces our user base has tried it on has been nothing short of outstanding, and we couldn't be much happier with your product."  
Wayne Leggett, Senior Systems Engineer, Jet Letter

Kenworth Logo "Kenworth Renton/Seattle uses SwiftView as a viewer for an intranet based CAD drawing delivery system.   SwiftView's reliability and speed make it an ideal viewer for the company's thousands of HPGL and TIFF drawings.   Thanks to SwiftView, this drawing application has become a critical part of daily truck production.   Keep up the good work!"  
Steve Bird, Assoc. Tech Support Analyst, Kenworth Renton

AMLA logo "During the development of 7xwriter, an Intranet end-user spool manager for Unix and Windows NT, we looked for a high-performance, easy to integrate PCL viewer.  After testing many products, SwiftView proved to be the best choice.   Today, the (SwiftView) plug-in's ease of use and impressive speed are keys to the success of 7xwriter."  
Bernard BOMPUIS, CEO, AMLA Informatique, France

"We're impressed with SwiftView. It's so simple to use; the entire Owner's Manual is F1!  SwiftView's speed is impressive.   So are its ease of use and its small file size.   Usually, our users need to find a file, quickly view and print it, then go on to the next task.   SwiftView let's us do just that."  
Steven H. Nachlas, MIS Special Projects Manager, The First American Corporation

AES Logo   "We faced the prospect of extending our $50K custom document management system to the desktop at $2400 a seat.   The functionality, usability and ODBC drivers all would've been slow.   With SwiftView and the intranet, we're doing it much better, much faster, for virtually NOTHING." 
Paul Stamas, MIS Manager AES Engineered Systems

"SwiftView was built for speed from the ground up.  If I have to send 5,000 pages to the COLD system, I don't want to have to go to lunch while it happens. That's not acceptable, which is why we're including Swift View." 
"SwiftView's great. It's the only viewer we've found that can handle our requirements." 
Elliott Perry, Dell Computer

"SwiftView rendered a 28 MB Connecticut zoning map without any problem!" 
David Lane, Legal Information Solutions/MuniLaw

"For our clients to accept a CD instead of paper, it's CRITICAL that we quickly reproduce an exact duplicate.   PCL and SwiftView give us the exactitude and speed we need." 
David Balick, CGI Consulting

"I have just downloaded your excellent browser plug-in. What a relief to find out I don't have to use PDF!" 
A real quote from a major company which we cannot attribute by name.  We hear this a lot!

"We have been very satisfied with SwiftView as our HPGL viewer of choice, displacing Myriad and Rosetta Preview for day-to-day use." 
Ray Nastawa,  Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

"We have successfully integrated SwiftView with a Visual Basic application written in-house, and used it to aid in the naming of image files to a number on the image. We were impressed with its ease of use and programmability.   Thank you for a great product!" 
Chris Cable, Shellharbour City Council, New South Wales, Australia

"Everybody here likes it, we're excited about SwiftView, it's a good solution." 
Johnny Martin, South Carolina Electric & Gas

"I've tested your product and I found it great! The plug-in version is perfect for my needs so I (and my boss) decided to buy Swiftview. My target is to view schematic files, AutoCad drawings and other technical documentation in order to have an electronic distribution of that document. All the documentation resides on a web server on an intranet and for this reason I think the best solution is your 'Web site license'.  Thank you for your cooperation and, above all, for your really great product!"
Emilio Masserotti, Selesta Ingengneria, S.p.A.

"I’m very impressed with the speed of SwiftView. We double click in Windows 95 Explorer and there’s the file! It brought compressed TIFF images of our D-size engineering drawings up WITHIN ONE SECOND on my 166MHz Pentium.   This is a very impressive speed in comparison to other viewer software we’ve tested, like WangImage, AutoDesk Viewer, Paint Shop Pro and some others.  We have twenty thousand drawings scanned into compressed TIFF 4 format, about 500k to 1Mb each.   This program is ideal for quick viewing and searching." 
George Liang, City of Orange, California

"I like very much the fact that it is still possible to do good programs that don't eat up half of your hard disk. Of course SwiftView worked perfectly. I do GIS (Geographic Information Systems) development. Since I don't have yet a plotter at home, it is sometimes cumbersome to test map plotting programs without a plotter :-) So I decided to search the Internet and downloaded two programs, yours and another from CERN. The CERN program is awkward to operate. Yours is speedy, small and to the point." 
Marco Perez Lopez, Amisys

"I have investigated several viewers and found the SwiftView program the best for viewing and printing HGPL vector survey information. SwiftView handles our standard plot files and produces a printed output which is true to size and scale." 
Chris Egan, Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Victoria, Australia

"Congratulations to all of you on a great product. We've just recently started providing access to our engineering documents over an internal intranet and the solutions for viewing these documents are rather limited.  Some of the vendors are downright greedy too.  I found your licensing very reasonable. $200 a copy for individual licenses gets pretty pricey when there are two or three hundred occasional users."  
Glenn Green, Bently Nevada Corp.

"It's really nice. It's fast, it's easy...it's great for bringing up documents out in the shop, it can take an E size drawing on A size paper, it's dummyproof. We really like it. We looked at another system; they had markup abilities and other complicated stuff, which is all right, but with 800 buttons, opening up a drawing out on the shop? Forgetaboutit, they wouldn't bother!"  
Kevin Sabo, Advance Machine Company, regarding the myriad of buttons on a competitor's product.

"The implementation of a SwiftView solution, tightly integrated with our UNIX based inventory control system, has resulted in a labor saving worth around $120,000 per annum. The retrieval and printing of test certificates was previously a largely manual operation, requiring three operators nationally. Now, the whole process is automated and requires minimal operator intervention."  
Jean-Jacques Pantebre, Strategic Development Manager
Pipeline Supplies (Division of Email Metals Pty Ltd.)

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