SwiftView Company History

Founded in 1985, SwiftView develops software and services used by organizations worldwide for viewing, printing, delivering and accessing online documents and drawings. Based near Portland, Ore., SwiftView has been named one of Oregon's fastest growing technology companies for three years running and one of the state's fastest growing private companies for the past four years. In 2006, SwiftView was acquired by eLynx, a portfolio company of American Capital Strategies Ltd. (NASDAQ: ACAS).


SwiftView co-founders John Corrigan and Randy Prakken began developing software for aerospace companies in the early 1980s. In 1985, they formally incorporated Northern Development Group to engineer custom software products for major corporations such as NCR, Chrysler Corporation and Aspect Development. They launched SwiftView in 1991 - a viewer that converts PCL and HPGL print files into portable electronic documents and drawings - to rave reviews. Nine years later, the company capitalized on the rising popularity and recognition of the viewer by officially changing its name to SwiftView, Inc.

SwiftView's advanced technology and innovative licensing methods - including the 1997 release of LAN and Web site licenses, which provide document and drawing access to an unlimited number of users - propelled growth through the 1990s at a rate of nearly 50 percent per year. New product launches in 1999 and 2000 expanded the company's product line from a single Viewer to a complete toolbox for creating efficient and accurate portable electronic document and drawing packages. In 2005, SwiftView released SwiftConvert and SwiftView Pro, products which convert documents and drawings from PCL, HPGL, or TIFF data formats into PDF, PostScript, PNG, text or other formats. SwiftView Tools are updated regularly to meet new document standards, suchs as JBIG-2 and PDF/A.

Addressing the growing demand for Web-based services and the particular need for secure document transmission in the financial services industry, SwiftView rolled out SwiftSend LoanDocsŪ in 2001. SwiftSend - a secure, Web-based enterprise solution - gained significant market share fueled by its unique combination of usability and reliable delivery. In 2006, SwiftView was acquired by eLynx, a portfolio company of American Capital Strategies Ltd. eLynx's SwiftSend now securely delivers thousands of document sets through the Web each day for a rapidly growing number of lenders.

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