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Choosing a SwiftView License
SwiftView has a license to fit your network and document distribution model.
Per-user, per-workstation licensing    Details    
  - Software installed and executes on user's workstation
  - Access files located anywhere
  - Licensed for specific number of users
  - License file and software deployed on each user's workstation

Network-wide workstation licensing
  - Software installed and executes on network user's workstation
  - Access files located anywhere
  - Licensed for specific number of network users
  - License server on LAN or WAN manages network user licenses

Application Server license    Details
  - License all users of one server: Citrix, Terminal Server, or other type of network server
  - Software executes only on server
  - Access files located anywhere
  - License file and software are installed on the licensed server

Website license    Details
  - Specified number users anywhere in your intranet or on the internet
  - Users can only view files from licensed website
  - Single license file on web server
  - One-click SwiftView installation from our website or yours

SwiftStamp file licensing  = Free SwiftView    Details
  - Deliver freely viewable files anywhere by email, web, CD, etc.
  - SwiftStamp batch utility adds SwiftView licenses to PCL, HPGL and TIFF files
  - Stamping does not change how files view or print
  - License file enables SwiftStamp batch utility on one stamping server
Detailed descriptions of SwiftView licenses

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